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5 Reasons Why You Should Join A Color Run ASAP

Are you considering joining a Color Run? Not sure it’s worth the money? Are you closed off to anything involving running or exercise? I was too! Trust me when I say the color run is the perfect chance to do something super fun and enjoy every step of the way! From the vibrant colors, the blasting music, and the happy vibes, you won’t regret joining the next Color Run. After my very first Color Run last summer, I can honestly say I would do it all over again! Here’s why:

1. The Health Benefits

After all, it is a Color RUN. Just like any other race, the purpose is to encourage fitness and exercise. The Color Run is a great opportunity to be outside, and get moving. The run isn’t a timed event, so you don’t have to worry about coming in last place. There were people who ran the entire 5K, but there were just as many people who casually walked the entire course. Regardless, you are free to participate at your own pace without judgment. Everyone is too busy being covered in paint, anyway. If you’re not much of a runner like me, the Color Run is a great place to start. After completing the event, I felt motivated to get back into shape and start working out more!

2. Color Throwing

The main reason Color Runs are so popular is because of its main attraction: the color! The Color Run gives you the satisfying feeling of throwing paint at a completely blank canvas. You are the blank canvas! Now’s your chance to make a complete mess, throw paint at your friends, and cover yourself in color without getting in trouble for it. Your inner ten-year-old will thank you later!

3. The Party

The fun doesn’t stop after the run. Afterward, there was music, dancing, partying, and color throwing. It was the perfect way to let loose and end the day. Everyone was crowded together, dancing and jumping to the music. For me, this was the highlight of my whole day. It was so cool seeing everyone throw their color in the air when the beat dropped in each song. Whenever there is an excuse to dance to “Single Ladies”, I will always be ready!

4. The Experience

If you and your friends are tired of going to the mall or the movies every weekend, here’s your chance to change it up! Your squad will have a great time coordinating matching outfits, planning your team name, jamming out to music in the car ride there, and splashing each other in paint throughout the day. The Color Run is the perfect excursion where you will all have an amazing time and will be glad you accomplished a 5K together!​

5. The Aesthetic

I saved the best and most important reason for last! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love taking artsy photos for Instagram. The Color Run creates the perfect opportunity to snap the cutest and craziest photos of you and your friends. I promise you won’t even need a filter!  #goals

If you’re thinking about signing up in the future, here are some quick tips to remember:

  • Don’t forget to wear sunglasses and some type of bandana/scarf, so the color powder doesn’t get into your eyes or mouth.
  • Bring a towel and a change of clothes for the car ride home.
  • Put on sunscreen before it starts.
  • Have a plastic baggy to store your phone and wallet.
  • Carry a backpack to hold all of your stuff. Also, travel as light as possible since you’re going to be running.
  • Lastly, I would plan to bring lunch. After being covered in paint from head to toe, you might not want to walk into a busy restaurant with lots of people.

If you enjoy running or are looking for something new and spontaneous to do, I highly recommend signing up for a Color Run in the near future.The Color Run was such a great experience for me and I would definitely go again. Even if you aren’t a fan of running, you shouldn’t let that get in the way of a great, memorable time. I hope that by the time you are reading this you are already signed up to run!

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