Why Do You Need Sleep?

Why do you need sleep?


As a second year, bio-major, student athlete, collegiate, I understand that one needs to learn how to balance their life. Whether it is my schoolwork, my practices, lifts, film sessions and games, my social life, my health and duh-duh-duh the amount of sleep I get. I know, I know, sleep… it’s either the holy sanction of every college girls life or the epitome of your life – when some nights it seems like there aren’t enough hours in a day. Sleep is extremely important not only for you but also for your roommate, cause who likes a cranky girl. Below are some of the reasons why I (and you) should try and get as much sleep as you humanly can:

·      Sleep is fun

·      Sleep lets you dream

·      Sleep lets your forget about your lab report due the next morning

·      Sleep can you make you feel ready for anything

·      Sleep won’t make you hungry

·      Sleep will help your body heal

·      Sleep will heal a torn ACL

·      Sleep will help you fight off sickness

·      Sleep won’t make you a mean person

·      Sleep will make you a fun person to be around

·      Sleep does in fact burn calories

·      Sleep allows your to go on a date with that cute boy in your class

·      Sleep lets you not do your homework

·      Sleep will make you happy


I hope my superb list of wonderful and rational reasons of why you need sleep help deter you from watching one more episode of Netflix or starting that assignment that isn’t due for another three weeks!! Sleep tight all you cuties.