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Hello Campus Cuties! 

This article idea has been brought to us by the BRILLIANT HC Trendsetter Zoe Grisez!


With quarantine still in effect for many of us as our close contacts test positive for Corona (wishing them all well from afar) and it can be super isolating, I think we need some good tunes to lift our spirits. When I first flew back to college, I had to quarantine totally isolated for a mere 3 days, I know the ~horror~, right, guys. But seriously even that had an impact on my mental health and online classes from my room isn’t helping a ton either. 


SO, here are some songs that have been keeping me feeling sunshiney and, if possible, ready to get out of my room and into nature or hang out with friends! 


  1. She Sets The City on Fire , by Gavin DeGraw: This is an absolute feel - good song for any girl who loves country music! I truly don’t understand how I have lived this long without Gavin in my life. 


  1. Year 3000 by the Jo Bros ! Okay, so if country isn’t your jam, here’s a song I snagged from Karlie Kloss’ running club playlist! I think this speaks to all the carefree childhood days where we really took freedom and health for granted. 


  1. Baianà : Such a good song but a little slower that just reminds me of like a fun little island. It truly gives me all of the happy vibes almost like pop/ reggae? After this next one I will stop guessing genres, I promise. 


  1. Aloha by 10k.cash, GUN40 : This has kind of rap / pop/ reggae vibes. In the comments please let me know what this song actually is but I am obsessed!  It carries through the last bit of my workout or just makes me really happy on drives from work.


  1. FourFiveSeconds by Rihanna: Post breakup, waking up late rushing to Zoom university, needing to feel like an absolute badAhh that you are! This song covers it all , and let's be honest, all of Rihanna’s songs lift my spirits. 


  1. Jenny From the Block by Jennifer Lopez: It’s so jazzy and just the beat alone makes me so happy ! I really can’t explain it, I'm just obsessed. 


  1. No Drama by James Hype, Craig David: ALWAYS sets a good mood and positivity for me !! Makes me want to run in the fresh air and bask in the last couple sunny days ! Really life can be super simple most of the time and it reminds me to relax about things that -could- but aren’t- happening, like maybe getting sent home again this semester. Just taking life one day at a time and that is GOOD for my soul!


  1. ANYTHING Black Eyed Peas: Such a classic throwback. Do I really need to say anything more? 


  1. Most Girls by Hailee Steinfeld // Beautiful Soul by Jesse Mccartney : Just makes me feel ?loved? I don’t know anymore, these are just really good songs and going through all my playlists for this reminds me of oldies from simpler times. 


  1. Fight Night by Migos : LETS GOOOO! 


BONUS: Simple, by Florida Georgia Line because my little Southern spirit needs a second country shoutout. 


Add me on Instagram @Olivelillyc if you want more song recs for a specific genre or purpose (gym, wake up, drive home) or have some for me. I am literally always trying to expand my music library and need your amazing help, especially with finding super cool indie artists! 


Thanks for reading! HCXO, Olivia 

Olivia Cerretani

Stonehill '22

hi everyone! I am a junior focusing on wellness and hope my articles encourage readers to be their best selves everyday physically, mentally, and nutritionally! Be kind to yourself so you can be kind to others! Self love is the best love :)
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