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Bestie Dating

On Bestie Dating


We’ve all heard the jokes on reality TV about uber busy women scheduling their ~fun~ time with their husbands. But, maybe it’s a good idea in more ways than one. Hear me out, okay?


Long distance gals already have this down pat. But for the rest of us, or those of us in new schedules or relationships, it can be tricky to navigate and maybe even seem like an insane idea. 


Sure it isn’t spontaneous, but it makes it super special. Knowing there is a time block each week, where no matter who wants to hang out with them or what fun plans come up, they still make you top priority. 


With COVID, a lot of winter breaks are now from Thanksgiving- January. Mine is about 6 weeks.


So, it got me thinking about all my friends at college. As an out of state kid, I won’t see them for those SIX. FREAKING. LONG. WEEKS. I feel like our March- August quarantine literally just ended and now I have to be away from them again. I am getting FOMO and it is giving me serious anxiety. 


So how do I work through this? Honestly making sure I schedule time not only for my romantic (corny, I know) relationship but also all my besties and just trying to be super present. 


And, if I am honest, trying to find excuses to stay at college over the break when they technically shut down … but if I can’t, I know it will be okay. 


Keep reading to see some ideas for bestie dates:

  • Food, always. A cool place you’ve always wanted to try, a cute aesthetic brunch spot, or a lowkey fast food place when you just NEED junk food. Try the local favs in your college town that you always walk past or invade a nearby college town’s! 

  • Mini road trip. Take a weekend or day trip to a scenic spot, campground, shopping center, or drive in theater. 

  • MOVIES- in dorms/ over Netflix party/ the hulu equivalent/ drive in theaters/ etc! Bonus points if you do the Target shopping challenge and pick out each others’ snacks/drinks! 

  • Cooking- slutty brownies or brunch pancakes or chocolate popcorn. Food makes anything better

  • Hit the campus gym and then grab whatever meal is closest. Or, coffee Pre- workout. 

  • Try each others’ sports! brb, about to beg my super coordinated friend to borrow patience and teach me hurdles lol 

  • study/ zoom classes together! It makes me feel so much calmer/ not alone on days that are ALLL online

  • Nail appointments together, this counts as supporting small business right?

  • Insta photo sessions! Bonus points for outdoors in natural lighting or goofy late night dorm pics 

  • Together but apart: see who can last longest as a vegan/ eat more protein/ make the best snack/ work out most consistently/ drink more water/ etc. Make your daily life a game and check in with each other

you got this, HCXO