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A Healthy Lifestyle at Stetson

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a college girl in possession of a meal plan, must be in want of good food.

That’s right, we’re mixing Jane Austen and the munchies, so you know this is going to be good.

Let’s start off with a very basic fact: Food is life. There is simply no getting around that a bad day can change direction with a good meal, and we all know how it feels to hanker down with a bowl of ice cream after a grueling week. Eating is easily one of the greatest parts of the day (right up there with sleeping).

However, every girl is familiar with the daily struggle of striving for fitness and craving something delicious. We go to the gym. We eat a brownie. We join an intramural. We gain that ‘holiday weight’. It’s a vicious cycle, and college life is conducive to long hours of immobile studying that leave us drained. With all of that to consider, it’s no wonder the freshman fifteen is a very real thing.

But wait, there’s hope!

On-Campus dining options make it easy to know just what you’re eating with helpful information similar to the nutrition labels found on food products you would buy at the store. Both Starbucks and the Commons have either stickers or small standees that detail information like calorie count, grams of sugar, amount of sodium, and so on. This is especially helpful for those who daily face their own health problems outside of weight loss, ranging from gluten intolerance to high blood sugar levels. Einstein’s Bagel Bros and Johnny Rockets also note on their menus the calorie counts of all of their offered cuisine, so you’re never in doubt!

Outtakes is a lifesaver, too. If you don’t want to use a full meal swipe and just need a quick snack, you can stop by our mini-mart for something small and delicious. They have choices like fruit, yogurt, and nuts that make it easy to stick to a specific food regime.

And finally, let’s talk about one of my favorite parts of campus life: We can walk! Yes, it sounds silly, but anyone who didn’t grow up in a city knows just how sweet it is to live on a college campus. The safety and accessibility provided by our small campus makes for the prefect opportunity to get outside and stretch your legs! The Hatter Trek that marks a mile-long loop around our sidewalks make tracking your distance even easier if you’re shooting for a specific goal. And ladies, let us not forget stairs. Living on the third floor of my building has quite possibly put my quadriceps in the best shape of my life.

It’s easy to accept that college is going to be a stressful time, and put your health on life’s back burner. We are, all of us, busy and bogged down by countless responsibilities that come with stepping into this adult world, but don’t let it stop you from feeling good and living the life you want!

I am a Stetson University Hatter, majoring in English, and loving my beautiful Florida home!
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