As women it is hard to feel appreciated and confident in our own skin in a world dominated by men, and in a world where women don’t always support other women. In order to flourish, this can not be the case! Women need to value others, especially other women. Everyone here is a boss of their own lives, but ladies, why not amplify this and be a GIRL BOSS? Ever wonder what it takes to be a girl boss?

1. Accept YOU for YOU

You are the only one exactly like you in this world. You are here for a reason, for a purpose, and it’s time you share that! We all get insecure about how we look or act sometimes, but we are all made with particular genes and hereditary traits; you are unique and completely different from the girl sitting next to you, which means comparing yourself to them won’t change anything! Be comfortable in your own skin; this takes time, but when it happens, it feels incredible!

2. Find inspiration

Make a Pinterest board of inspirational quotes, follow other girl boss woman on Instagram that share similar style to you; find inspiration in everything you look at. The world is an incredible place, and it will speak to you if you listen closely.

3. Do what makes you happy

Find a new hobby to stimulate your mind. Find what makes you happy everyday, and do more of that! Find meaning in everyday activities and keep an open mind; you’ll be grateful you did, and you’ll experience so much more of what life has to offer.

4. Get to know and appreciate your style

What clothing, jewelry, and makeup makes you comfortable? Maybe no makeup; no jewelry? You don’t have to dress up to have a “style,” leggings and a brightly-colored sweatshirt can be your personal style. Find what outfit makes you happy to get out of bed in the morning, and what makes you feel confident stepping out of your room.

5. Find your people

Surround yourself with people who are positive and like-minded. People who support what you do and what you choose are who you want to be with; you never want to be with people who will hold you back from what you truly want and dream of.

6. Value others

If you see someone with an outfit that you like, tell them! If someone compliments your shoes, thank them! Nowadays, you don’t often hear people tell others how they’re feeling in a positive way; we tend to only focus on the negative, but why not change that?

7. Find your jam(s)

Make a playlist on Spotify of your favorite pump-up songs. Listen to this whenever you start to slip into a funk, need a pick-me-up, or even when you’re extremely happy. Everyone needs a few go-to songs for every occasion.

8. Workout

Working out doesn’t mean lifting weights for an hour or running five miles on the treadmill; you can do anything active, even for ten minutes out of your day. Personally, I like to go for a walk around campus, or go to the gym and use the StairMaster. This will get your heart-rate up, get your blood pumping, and make you feel like you accomplished something productive for the day!

9. Eat better, but not perfect

Eating better means to pick oatmeal for breakfast instead of the donut, or to pick a turkey sandwich instead of a hamburger for dinner. However, nobody is perfect. If you want the donut, eat the donut; everything is good in moderation. Working towards making healthier and smarter food choices can help both mentally and physically.

10. Good. Surroundings!

I can not function without natural light; I’ve definitely figured this out about myself since coming to college. Open the blinds, go to a coffee shop, study in the library; the surroundings that make you happy and comfortable is where you are going to be most productive and happy!

11. Plan!

Using a planner in college is one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. Write out a to-do list every single day, even if the day isn’t going to be busy. You will feel satisfied when you check off the task, and you will have a layout for how your day is going to go. If you are still overwhelmed after making a to-do list, write numbers next to the tasks to prioritize them in order that you want/need to complete them.

All of us are incredibly talented and determined young women, and are already bosses of our lives; we have a say! However, we don’t always feel confident in ourselves, and that needs to change. I hope these tips can guide you in the direction of self-appreciation and confidence; you’ve got this girl!