Sunny Side Up | Affirmations to Start Each Day with Positivity

Starting the school year can be mentally draining for everyone in college. Professors begin to pile on semester assignments, and it feels like the end is no where in sight. I am also starting to feel the effects of coming back after a wonderful summer break. However, now it is my senior year, and I want to enjoy my remaining time here at Saint Vincent. A positive affirmation each morning can help to ease your mental slump and having that one person who is always there for you means the world! What else are friends for?



So, speaking as a friend, let’s start this semester sunny side up by thinking positively and trusting your own path even through the difficult times. I challenge you to use these affirmations for a month and see each day with a new set of eyes. Without further ado, here are 30 positive affirmations that you can add to your morning routine to start every day positively.

  1. I know I am alive for a reason. By honoring my purpose, I inspire others to do the same.
  2. Embrace your best self. Live in a way that brings tranquility, pleasure, and joy to yourself and those around you.
  3. Plant positive seeds today without wasting one precious moment in anger, hatred, or envy.

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  1. No one else can have power over your mood today, you are completely in control.
  2. Regardless of any situation that confronts me, I am blessed. I am blessed with every lesson I learn from hardships I face. I continue to grow considering all the positive and negative things that come my way.
  3. Release yourself from any past pain. When you forgive, you are free. By leaving the past in the past, you can live for the present and the future.
  4. You are not in control of everything. Focus on allowing the best things to happen and know that whatever is supposed to be will be.
  5. I cannot change the past; therefore, I focus on my future. My past does not define who I am today.
  6. Rather than complaining about not having time, try to make a conscious effort to make the best of every moment you are given.
  7. My wisdom and intuition are unique. I am the only person who knows what is best for me.
  8. My face and features are beautiful, and my imperfections are signs of a life well lived.
  9. The world will know what I have to offer. No one can stop me from meeting my goals.
  10. The unknown does not frighten me, for I can overcome all challenges that come my way.
  11. No need to compare yourself to other people, only judge yourself by your own standards of success.
  12. I recognize when I need to take a break. Taking care of myself feels good.
  13. Our time on this earth is finite. I respect life by doing the things that I love.
  14. Hard work, humility, and persistence will always pay off. Your time is not being wasted.
  15. Stay true to your values and authentic self. Do not comprise them for anyone.
  16. When faced with conflict, I am calm. Negativity is brushed off easily, and I will always take the higher road.
  17. Constructive criticism is a form of self-improvement. I will accept it as it comes and offer it to others who struggle around me.

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  1. Every voice does matter, and I am confident to speak up when needed. Others listen because my words are valuable.
  2. I am worthy. I am loved. I am enough.
  3. Choose to focus on your blessings rather than the inconveniences of any day.
  4. Plan to give, love, and heal through the activities that make you the most joyful.
  5. Let go of all resistance to prosperity and let it come to you naturally.
  6. Be an emissary of peace, a vessel for love, and a light illuminating the world.
  7. I never push my feelings down or try to cover them up. I face them, sit with them, learn and grow from them.
  8. The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.
  9. Control yourself. Alter your thinking. Delete negativity. (Ctrl + Alt + Delete)
  10. I am learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from things that are not meant for me.

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Sometimes, the best vibes come from people who we don’t even really know. A way to spread this kindness, is to make notecards of your affirmation for the day. If you see someone struggling or having a rough day, pass on the notecard to them! I hope that this will brighten their day and yours, even in the slightest way. Even though school has begun, keep an open mindset and stay positive!