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The end of the semester is upon us and finals are quickly approaching. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the mountain of papers and studying that must be finished in a week. Some of the usual ways to manage this stress are taking breaks and getting enough sleep. Below I share some counter-intuitive survival tips to get you through the week! 

1. Prioritize Sleep 

I cannot stress how important sleep is, especially during stressful times of the year. Getting enough sleep will improve your performance on exams and will help to clear your mind for the next day. If you don’t know it by 12am or 1am the night before your 8:30am exam, chances are you won’t remember it anyway if you pull an all-nighter. Sleep helps you form memories and maintain the connections made in your brain while studying. 

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2. Shorten your To-Do list 

Even if there is a lot written down in your planner, writing every single thing on your To-Do list may not be helpful. Focus on one assignment or subject at a time. This will focus your attention and clear your mind. Having a manageable amount of work to do within a reasonable time period is crucial. Marking off everything on your To-Do list for the day will make you feel good and give you peace of mind for the next day. 

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3. Go a little crazy—in a good way! 

The stress from the end of the semester projects, presentations, finals, and papers is enough to drive anyone a little crazy! My friends and I have a lot of finals week memories because we all usually reach this point some time or another. The laughter and jokes we enjoy from these moments are enough to relieve stress and help to refocus. 


4. Get off campus (without your books) 

Another way to relieve stress is getting off campus, even if its just a Starbucks or Dunkin run. These are great study breaks and a great way to spend a little time with a friend or two. Make sure you don’t bring your work with you, even in your mind. Leave work at work and school at school. It’s important to have time to enjoy yourself, even during the busiest time of the year. 

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Most importantly, keep in mind that you have done most of the work during the rest of the semester. This is the finish line! Make time for studying, but also make time for yourself.

Good luck! HCXO,


Zelie Hummer

St Vincent '20

Saint Vincent College 2020 ~ Chemistry Major, Creative Writing Minor Hello! I'm Zelie and I love writing for HerCampus! Being able to give a voice to my opinions and thoughts and have them published is amazing. I really enjoy my major and going to college at SVC. But I would be nowhere without the support of my faith, family, and my friends! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my articles:)  "Keep your face always towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you." ~Walt Whitman
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