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StoLife: Benefits of Group Exercise

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

Exercise is a pretty relevant topic for both men and women in college. Our mental exercise is expected daily, as is our weekend follow-up binge of napping, Netflix or partying.  This cycle is extremely unhealthy and leaves little room for physical exercise, organized or not. For some students, it is easier or more natural to fit a trip down to Skoglund into their daily/weekly schedule. For others, it’s the first thing to be cut off the to-do list. This post seeks to explain how group or class exercise can make your exercise routine more consistent and enjoyable.  

For one, if you’re working out with a friend, the experience is bound to be more fun. Oftentimes, social interaction during the week is saved for rushed and crowded meals in the caf.  If you can find a friend with a similar schedule and interest to exercise, try working out with a friend or in a small group to efficiently catch up with the people you care about. If you can schedule a weekly workout time with the same person or people, you are likely to hold each other accountable for keeping a consistent routine.   

In addition, if you’re with a group of people, you have an automatic support system surrounding you. You are all likely working to similar goals! Encouragement, positive energy and motivation will hopefully be exchanged if you’re working out in an instructor-led class or with a friend.  

If you’re in a class that has a certified instructor, your workout also becomes a learning experience and means for improvement. Oftentimes, people can get into the habit of practicing exercises incorrectly and ineffectively without realizing it. Ask the instructor or friends that you trust for feedback on form to better your habits and techniques!

Next time you’re looking to get some exercise, consider going to one of the yoga or Zumba classes on campus, organize a game of tag or capture the flag with your friends or do some weight training with a few positive and motivating friends.  

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