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Sometimes, it is hard to be in your best possible mood, and that’s okay! It is as if you wake up one morning and everything seems off; you wake up and have no energy or motivation to get out of bed and start your day. Our moods can really be tricky and can honestly damage the way we go about our days. The key is to push yourself and find a way to feel better while listening to what your body, mind, and soul needs even if you don’t feel like it. In this article, I will give you 10 easy ways to boost your mood even when it seems hard to get through the day.

  1. Listen to music

This might be something you do everyday and it might already be a habit, but listening to your favorite song or a new favorite album in the morning, can really boost your mood and make you feel happier. Do yourself a favor and as tempting as it is to listen to sad songs when you don’t feel your best, play something that will get you dancing and happy.

  1. Try Something New

You can always find the time to try something new. It can be yoga, cooking something you’ve never cooked before, painting, sewing, or anything you find interesting that gets you excited to learn or practice. There are a lot of resources such as Pinterest, that can give you inspiration and motivation to do something new, or even change your style. 

  1. Get Ready!

Personally, getting ready in the morning even if I have nowhere to go boosts my mood immediately. There’s really something about picking an outfit, doing your makeup and/or your hair, and just enjoying the process of it. It boosts your energy even more when you’re listening to music and singing out loud. This is definitely an easy way to boost your mood.

  1. Go for a Walk or to the Gym

Going outside and getting some fresh air will always boost your mood, even if you think it is something regular or it sounds boring. Once you’re outside on a walk or exercising, it will boost your mood and you will feel a change afterwards. You can always find routines or easy workouts you can do at the gym too as a beginner or whichever level you consider yourself to be on youtube videos or websites. 

  1. Read 

Taking your favorite book or something you just bought that you can’t wait to read can help you boost your mood and give you a quick escape to something completely different. Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy a good read. There are plenty of good recommendations you can start reading and it can be any genre. Personally, I love fiction and self-help books, and those always motivate and inspire me.

  1. Clean or Organize Your Room

This may or may not happen to you, but every time I clean my room or just organize anything such as my closet, the  or the living room, or my work space, it always makes me feel better and it gives me a sense of completion and productivity. As weird as it may sound, it can boost your mood and it is a good and easy way to entertain yourself while listening to a good playlist or a favorite podcast. 

  1. Go Out to Eat with Friends

Hanging out with friends is always a great option. Talk to a friend you haven’t had a talk with in a while, or hang with your friends at one of your favorite spots. There are plenty of cool spots you can visit with your friends in the city, or if you don’t want to go out to eat, then invite some close friends over and make dinner or lunch. You can even have a game night with your favorite games. 

  1. Dance

Dancing brings me immediate joy and just getting on my feet and playing my favorite songs while just jamming gives me a great feeling. Even when you’re not doing anything, just get up and dance. It is also a quick workout and it feels amazing afterwards. Another option is to just make cute TikTok dances and have fun with it!

  1. Skin Care

Having a good skin care routine works wonders and it also boosts your mood. You can have a quick and easy spa night in the comfort of your home and put on your favorite masks, exfoliate, and then go on about your morning or night routine. It gives you an amazing feeling when you wake up and do your skin care morning routine. It also relaxes you at night, which is perfect when you’re getting ready for bed.

  1. Planning

Planning always gets me excited and motivated. It can be a vacation, a future birthday, or anything you want to do or visit. It can even be just simply making to-do lists or organizing and planning your week ahead. If you do plan a trip or vacation, it can keep you busy and you will feel better and be excited for where you will go next.

I truly recommend trying all of these tips, or even 2-3 to start. You will start to feel better and your mood will change. Plus, it also makes you feel productive throughout the day and excited for the next day!

Melody Melo

St. John's '23

Hi! I'm Melody Melo I'm currently a sophomore at St. John's University and I'm majoring in legal studies with a minor in French. I love learning about different cultures and adventuring. I’m interested in philosophy and arts, and I enjoy expressing myself through my writing and style.