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To use the Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center is to love it. Every University of South Carolina student has access to the gorgeous facility designed to promote healthy and happy lifestyles for UofSC students. Lately, I have been feeling especially like Strom is doing its job for me because I’ve recently discovered the Group X yoga classes, and I’m amazed how I went all last semester without them. 

With a new semester comes new stressors. A new schedule to adjust to, new courses, and my personal downfall: a total change in routine. And if you’re anything like me, when there’s a fluctuation in my routine, I tend to get thrown way off balance…followed by an anxiety overload. 

On the first day of classes this semester, I found myself wanting to put that inevitable anxiety to ease a little quicker and smoother. My mind immediately went to exercising, since in my book this is one of the most common and effective stress-relievers. I decided to browse the Group X class list for some inspo, and the words, “BODYFLOW® Yoga” stuck out to me loud and clear. 

Before college, I’d always wanted to try yoga (especially hot yoga) because I knew I had some slight challenges with managing my stress. Unfortunately, boujee yoga studio memberships are not meant for the salary of an incoming college freshman. However, Strom’s Group X class pass is only $30 a semester, so this time I had nothing standing in my way of some killer stress reliving. 

Strom’s Group X program offers a few different types of yoga: “Yoga Relax,” “BODYFLOW® Yoga,” “Yoga,” “Advanced Yoga,” and “Cycle Flow.” Personally, I have tried BODYFLOW®, Cycle Flow, and Yoga Relax and have loved them all. Seriously, no complaints. I love the instructors (who are students too!) and I love the meditation that comes at the end of each session. Generally, when I lift, I listen to very loud and aggressive music, something I would classify as a different type of “peace.” “Peace” in yoga, to me, is soft, slow, calming music, dark rooms, and a momentary disconnection with everything else going on around you. All you focus on in that time is yourself, your breathing, and blocking out any stress, unwanted thoughts, or things you need a short break from. It seriously has helped me see my days differently and for the better and brighter. 

I personally love kicking off my day with these good vibes, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with ending your day with them, too. I encourage everyone to try it out. Let me be the first to say I am probably the least flexible person on the planet, and my balance only seems to be good 3 out of 7 days a week. Don’t let it stop you. Try it before a big test or try it after a long week of anxiety. I cannot recommend it enough. 

I hope you try and love my new yoga obsession! :)

Namaste, USC <3

Zoe Smith

South Carolina '25

CT | University of South Carolina '25 | Editorial Team Contributor