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Her Campus writers share the best classes at SMU

Need help deciding the best class to fulfill a university requirement? Had a perfect schedule plan, but the class you really wanted was full? Or maybe feeling overwhelmed by the options? The sophomore, junior and senior writers for Her Campus SMU are here to help. Here are some of their favorite classes from the past few years!

Elements of Astronomy (PHYS 1311): This class is really great if you want to take a science that isn’t your typical Earthquakes and Volcanoes or Chemistry for Liberal Arts. Learning about space is actually really fun and interesting, and it fulfills a Pure and Applied Sciences Level 1 for the UC! Professor: John Cotton – India Pougher, Campus Correspondent


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Introduction to Creativity (ADV 1321): This class is unique and my favorite so far. Professor Baronet pushes students to come up with creative projects throughout the semester. The projects are fun and Professor Baronet always makes class entertaining. Fulfills the Creativity and Aesthetics Pillar 1. Professor: Willie Baronet – Christina Myers, Sophomore Writer

Intro to Architecture (ARHS 1306): I took this class during May Term but is also offered on the Italy abroad program because it was so different from the normal stuff I study and really visual. – Hannah Claire Brimelow, Junior Writer

The World of Shakespeare (ENGL 1330): Professor Jasper Neel is an absolute gem. English major or not, he makes this class so accessible and interesting that I always loved going to class. – Hannah Claire Brimelow, Junior Writer

Poetry (ENGL 2311): Dan Moss is another awesome professor, because there was so much variety in what we read and what we talked about. Moss also genuinely cares about how students are doing and wants people to love literature like he does. – Hannah Claire Brimelow, Junior Writer


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Psychology Disorders of Children (PSYCH 4334): This was my favorite psychology class at SMU! Most people are scared to take a class with Calvert because he is known as the toughest professor in the psychology department, but this class was worth it. You have to read and come to class, but you will want to because the material is so interesting. You get to learn about everything from Autism Spectrum Disorder to Lesch Nyhan and how to treat children with these disorders. Professor: James Calvert – CarleeAnn Allen, Senior Writer

Fashion, Media & Culture (JOUR 2310): If you have any interest in fashion then this is the class for you! It’s an introduction to the world of fashion beginning with trends and styles from the 1800s all the way to present day. You’ll learn things about your favorite designer that you never would’ve known had it not been for this class. While it doesn’t fulfill any UC requirements, it’s a super fun class to take and I highly recommend it. Professor: Chelsea Bell – Gianna Sciortino Sophomore Writer


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SMU in Taos: To satisfy my science credits and also PRW II, I went to Taos over the summer during the May-term course offerings. I had plant bio (BIOL 1308) with Professor Ubelaker and PRW II (PRW 2135) with Anne Weil. It was a hands on environment (literally) studying with Professor Ubelaker in Taos. He liked to take us on short hikes during class time to point out different foliage and plant material. His class, needless to say, was so much fun. Also PRW II was fun because instead of hanging out at the SMU gym for this course, you get to experience nature’s beauty by going white water rafting, rock climbing, hiking, fly fishing and horse back riding. It was the best experience. Taos is one of my fondest SMU memories. – Chloe Dinsdale, Senior Writer


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