The five stages of enrollment anxiety

It’s that time of year again!  Not only do we have to worry about studying for all of these tests and finishing all of these projects, but we also have to scratch and claw our way into the perfect next-semester schedule (figuratively speaking!)

#1. Perfection

You spend a solid three hours looking up what classes you need to take, making spreadsheets and putting courses in your “shopping cart.”  For some reason you got way to into this activity, and what should only take you an hour just took much longer than necessary.  (Procrastination at its best!)

#2. Advising

So you finally sit down with your advisor, because despite all of your excel sheet efforts you just can’t seem to make it all fit.  Maybe she’s really cool or maybe you never see her, nonetheless you need her help.  Thankfully you walk out of there with the perfect plan, and everything is great, until you remember you don’t sign up for another week.

#3. The enrollment appointment

The day has come.  Of course it’s a week later than the rest of the world’s enrollment time, but you’ve spent enough energy planning and dreaming of your perfect schedule that fate can’t be cruel to you now, right?  You don’t enroll for another 20 minutes but you felt the need to set up your laptop and log in to your account super early, just in case time decided to suddenly move at warp speed and you didn’t notice.  You also enjoy torturing yourself by hitting refresh every two minutes and watching as every class you want turns from a beautiful green circle to a hate-filled blue square.  Finally the clock strikes and you pounce.  You got three out of five, because of course you’re not allowed to take “advanced underwater pig Latin;” too many restricted seats.

#4. The waiting game

This semester, you have your first experience with “the waitlist.”  Currently sitting at number five for the class of your dreams, you’re hoping and praying that a large group of people suddenly decide to drop out. 

#5. Acceptance

Not into the class you want, but of the realization that the perfect “got into every one you need, class only on Tuesday/Thursday” enrollment experience just doesn’t exist.  You’ve made peace with the fact that you will have to wake up eventually on Mondays, and you’re facing the reality that you’re never going to have all of your classes on one day.