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Are you ALWAYS on your phone? Instead of scrolling through your Facebook news feed or Instagram, try using your phone to help you lead a healthier, happier lifestyle. To avoid that new year slump, we recommend trying out these apps and seeing what works best for you! 


This app is very popular, easy, fast, and has multiple uses. MyFitnessPal includes a calorie counter, food database, diet tracker, weight progress, and you can even follow your friends to keep eachother motivated. You can also get support and motivation from millions of users just like you! All you have to do is make a MyFitnesssPal.com account, which can be created within the app for FREE.

Sleep Cycle

This app monitors your movements as you sleep and is super easy to use; you just set it on your mattress and it starts tracking your cycle. You provide a range of time in which you want to be woken up, and the app will determine the best possible time for an alarm to go off based on when your movement indicates you are in your lightest stage of REM sleep. This means that you will wake up feeling less tired and much more rested, and you can even see graphs of how you have slept that night. This app really does work and makes it much easier to get up when your alarm rings, especially for those 8am classes (ugh).

Two Grand

For all you foodies out there who use Instagram to post your daily meals, this is the app for you! Instead of having to track all your food into a food diary, which can be tedious, you can log it via pictures. You can even log your exercise with pictures too! To put it more simply, it’s basically an Instagram for your food. #foodstagram

Zombies Run!

For you ladies who don’t work out because it’s not fun, this is the app for you! It will whip you into shape because you’re forced to run for you life. It is a zombie apocalypse running game in which you play a character whose mission is to help rebuild civilization. You must avoid all zombies along the way by retrieving items and much more. The best part is you can even listen to music as you run and your mission will still continue. Check out this video to get a sense of what this app is like.

Period Tracker

Yes, it’s just how it sounds. Although it may sound ridiculous, sometimes we just loose track of when we are expecting the dreaded time of the month. Which there are other apps like this, Period Tracker estimates your period based on the average length of your last three cycles, rather than trying to fit you into a 28-day calendar. Plus, it’s great to have on your phone and easily accessible, and it will even estimate your ovulation and future period dates, which can help you plan for events and travel. 


Let’s be honest, going to the gym can sometimes be dreadful. GymPact can help get you inspired and motivated so you don’t end up just staying at home. When you sign up, you make a commitment to work out a certain number of times a week, and you bet on yourself. You choose an amount of money you are willing to risk if you don’t reach that goal. When you achieve your goal, you get paid that amount! But if you don’t, then your credit card gets charged. It’s much more fun to exercise for money.

Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga is a flexible yoga app that includes full yoga classes (from different durations, difficultly levels and different practices), a comprehensive pose dictionary, and the means to practice anywhere at anytime. You can even create custom yoga routines in a matter of minutes. This app is basically your very own personal yoga instructor on the go. Whether you are a dedicated yogi or a first timer, you can customize a routine for yourself. Namaste everyone!

Instant Heart Rate

Did you know your phone could measure your heart rate instantly? All you have to do is place the tip of your index finger on the phone’s camera, and within seconds your pulse will be shown. The instant heart rate will show you a chart that beeps with your every heartbeat, so you can check in and see how you’re during during or after exercise.

Nike Training Club

The Nike+ Training Club is for the female fitness community, and is your very own personal trainer, anywhere and anytime. It is great for anyone, whether you are looking for a beginner, intermediate or advanced workout. You can choose your level and type of workout, along with setting goals, timers, and sharing your results with the Nike Training Club community. It is great to help you track your progress, stay motivated, and train better. As Nike would put it, “Just do it,” and start training like Nike’s best athletes.

All of these apps are just a click away on iTunes, so don’t wait to get started!

A senior at Skidmore College, who loves beagles, batman, and sushi. You can find me dreaming about Anderson Cooper and doing crossword puzzles.
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