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The process of learning to navigate my mental health was never the easiest. As I continue to grow as an individual, there is so much more that I continue to learn about myself. While some days may be amazing, others are not. Mental health was not a topic I took seriously until I began college, which is where I realized how much this impacted my life. While everyone will have a different mental health journey, I hope this article reminds you of the different paths in discovering more about yourself and that is okay. 

There are some days where I truly feel amazing and on top of the world, those types of days are great. Other days, I have no room for social interaction or to do anything aside from wanting to be alone. On those particular days when I was already feeling slightly down, I am not the kindest person to myself. However, I have now come to realize that having days to yourself is completely okay. In fact, I personally find them necessary. By having time when I can be alone with myself, I truly have learned to enjoy my own company and be happy with myself. This process definitely took me some time, and there are still some days where I forget this, but what matters most is I am trying. 

The matter of mental health has always been a taboo in my family since it was never openly discussed or defined. Prioritizing your feelings and mental health is one of the most important things you can do. We all deserve to be happy and keep a positive mindset. I understand that some days this can be hard. We all have those rough days, and that’s okay because we are all trying to work past them. Slowly I have begun to discuss with my family how some days I’m just not in a good mood, not for any particular reason but just because I’m mentally exhausted. These conversations may be difficult for them to understand but opening up allows you to know that you are working on those aspects. 

The good days and the bad days are still interchangeable throughout my life, but I am proud of how I have learned to deal with them. This took me time to understand what I considered to be right for my mental health. In discovering so, I have been able to put myself first in ensuring that I am okay. Taking the time to focus on myself has truly allowed me to grow as a person in a variety of ways. 

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Hi my name is Anjali! I am a junior at San Jose State University with a major in Business Administration. I continue to love reading and writing articles for this amazing organization!
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