“Run This (Cue Cardi B*) Like Cardio!”


Spin classes seem to be the new “it” thing. Personally, I have always loved running for a cardio workout.  Running clears my head, gets my heart pumping, and allows me to breath the fresh air. When I got injured during this past track season, I had to fill a void. I could only lift so many weights until I get bored. I missed that endorphin rush I used to get post run (aka that wonderful runners high).



Always up for new experiences, I booked a spin class online the night before at a local cycling studio called Cycle Fierce located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The first class pass is $10.00 so I thought, “hey why not!”


I had done spin classes before, but not like this one! I popped into the adorable studio located just behind Starbucks (what a dream), and was welcomed by name by two friendly faces. The instructors escorted me around their beautiful studio that consisted of two full rows of bikes. An instructor wearing adorable pink floral leggings helped adjust my bike to my fitness level and height. Ten minutes later, the room was filled and the lights flicked off. Loud, upbeat music started pulsing throughout the room and as soon as I knew it the sweat started to drip and my legs started to pump. The hour spin class not only was a killer leg workout, but it incorporated ab exercises, light arm weights, and band work to achieve maximum exertion.


Sometimes when I do fitness classes, I have a fear that my money will be wasted on a workout that I feel like was too easy. This was not the case. I had sweat everywhere and knew that I started my day with a great workout. Starting my days with a great workout is important for me to have energy and get things done.


I will definitely go back to Cycle Fierce and highly recommend hoping on the Spin Class hype, injured runner or not, you will absolutely love it.


Girls if you want a new fun workout, spin is well worth your bucks!


(Photo: Nicole De Khors, Burst)