Relaxation Tips

Stressed about upcoming events/exams in the semester? Relaxation can be an important part of daily lifestyle habits that prove to aid in sleep and getting better grades!

A slow but easy way to calm the body could include taking deep breaths or breathing relaxation techniques. By calming the body and controlling the flow of inhaling and exhaling can be a beneficial way of maintaining a stable mind/body. WebMD mentions that by implementing breathing techniques into a routine, you will feel it both mentally and physically. Some of the helpful tips they mention is to choose a place where you feel comfortable (bed, desk, outside, etc.), don’t force yourself to do these activities, and wear comfortable clothes. By being in a physical state of relaxation, it will connect the mind to relax. 

neon sign in greenery Photo by Max Van Den Oetelaar from Unsplash Another way of destressing could be writing about it and getting all of the stressors out. By writing, not only are you allowing yourself to reflect on the stressful things that are present in daily life, you are freeing your mind of those thoughts. Writing could include journaling or simply typing out your thoughts on the computer. After a long day of classes, you have a lot on your mind, and writing in a journal has been something that helps me sleep. Sometimes coming back to my dorm after classes I would feel anxious in thinking about all of the things I have to do throughout the week or what is to come. A specific technique that you could focus on could include making a list, if free writing isn't something that fits you. 

planner picture Photo by Alexa Williams from Unsplash Additionally, a more mobile way of destressing and easing the nerves could include an app called Headspace. Some of the meditation techniques they offer include aspects of stress, anxiety, sleep, focus, fitness. Their main goal is to improve health and happiness within the world. By providing various modules and exercises on how to perform such beneficial activities, there can be a significant outcome from using the app. I personally have used this when there is a day where I just need some additional motivation or destress after a long day and it has really been helpful. They also provide articles that you can listen to about how to better your sleep schedule, how to stop worrying, meditation techniques, and more. I highly recommend looking into this simple way of making a difference in lifestyle habits. 

These are a few of many ways to relax and destress. I hope they prove to be beneficial to daily lifestlye habits in the future!