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Practical Self-Care

The term “self-care” can mean many things. Self-care is referred as a primary source for people who must manage their own illnesses on a day to day basis. Typically, self-care is used to describe a wide range of activities and ways to take care of oneself. The misconception that self-care has to be taking a bubble bath once a week is harmful to the entire mentality of self-care. Self-care can 100% be spoiling yourself but setting aside time for practical self-care is so important.

Photo by Abby Burfine


1. Make Your Bed.

One of the simplest ways to take care of yourself is to make your bed. When you make your bed, you feel more put together and it will help you kick start your day in a better way.

2. Go for a walk.

Not only is moving your body a sure-fire way to take care of yourself, getting fresh air will also help. Take this time to leave the headphones inside, and just listen to nature and become more in tune with your own thoughts.

3. Do your laundry.

Is doing laundry while living in the dorm fun? No. Is it easy? No. However, there is not better feeling than pulling on pajama pants that are fresh from the dryer. Doing your laundry will give you back more clothes and will also help you feel more productive.

4. Wash your hair.

Personally, when my mental health is struggling, my hair is the main thing to get the bulk of the abuse. Sometimes having thick hair is a blessing, but washing it is such a hassle, however it is a necessity. Taking time out of your schedule to actually wash and care for your hair is so important.

5. Eat some vegetables.

“But I want to #treatmyself with some chocolate!” Okay, have some chocolate too. However, one of the MAIN WAYS to take care of yourself is to eat properly. I am not saying to you have cut out junk completely, I’m just suggesting adding some vegetables to your diet.

Photo by Abby Burfine


6. Take your medication.

If you have medication and you don’t take it, you are sabotaging yourself. Doctors prescribe medication with your health and best interest in mind, and not taking it is doing a disservice to yourself. If you have any trouble with your medication – talk to your doctor about what’s wrong and work out a plan to fix the issue.


It is recommended to drink at least 8 cups of water a day. Fill up a water bottle and drink it throughout the day. Drink water before getting a soda, or just skip the soda all together as it’s proven to dehydrate you.


Above all other self-care trends, the most important thing is the listen to your body. You know what you need and getting in tune with how you feel will help you understand what you are missing.

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