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This year’s flu has questionably been the worst of all time. Please do yourself a favor and wash your hands and keep away from anyone who is infected. I recently endured the horribleness that the flu has to offer and I thought I’d share with you a flu survival guide.

  1. Go to the doctor and get tested. (This way you get a doctor’s note and can get excused from class).
  2. Bed. Just go to bed and don’t leave.
  3. Keep your computer nearby because you will get bored and need Netflix.
  4. Chicken noodle soup. It fixes literally everything.
  5. THERAFLU. This stuff is magic… it literally revived me, you need it.
  6. Make sure you keep drinking water or tea. It actually helps.

Don’t let yourself get the flu, it’s awful. But if you do, I hope my tips can help you feel better during this terrible time.

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Riley Murray

Seton Hall

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