Not-So-Blessed To Be Stressed


Personally, I’ve become overwhelmed by how quickly the end of the year seems to come. Finals are quickly approaching, Christmas gifts need to be purchased, travel plans must be created, and the realization that an entire year is about to be over has me drowning in stress. There is so much chaos at the end of the year that’s it’s hard to take a step back. I have been looking for an outlet and I discovered these techniques that help me relax and catch my breath.



Coloring has been proven to be a great way to decrease your stress levels. This childish but still lovable technique is an easy and great way to clear your head. So go purchase a coloring book, some colorful utensils, play some music, put your phone on silent, and you’ll be lost for hours.



The rhythmic motions of cooking and following a recipe make me feel as though I’m in control of some part of my hectic life. It’s soothing taking multiple ingredients and making the perfect meal that I usually crave in that moment. Also, I tend to make food that smells remind me of home, subconsciously alleviating my stress.



This is my go-to stress reliever. In some cases, not having time to read is the reason I become stressed. Curling up with a great book is wonderful escape from reality and beneficial for the mind. There are also multiple sources aside from a handheld book that provide the opportunity to catch up on reading. E-books can be downloaded to any electronic device with the option to purchase an audiobook, both creating the the convenience of reading on the go.


Lack of sleep could be a result of stress and can be very difficult to catch up on. Setting a sleep schedule can help reduce a restless night, which can help lead to you setting a schedule for your full day. Organizing your day into a strict schedule will not only accommodate your life priorities but will create a more consistent night’s rest.



Exercise in general is one way to decrease stress and keep your health in check. However, I much rather prefer walking. It can clear your mind and help you discover new places. Nature walks with a camera are the perfect way to get lost in the real world while forgetting about YOUR real world.



Everyone needs to vent but sometimes we don’t want to bother others with our problems. As a writer, it’s therapeutic writing all my problems, no matter how small, onto a piece of paper. I don’t have to shield myself or hold anything back because I’m the only one reading them. It gives me the reassurance that someone is listening and provides the comfort I want in that moment. It doesn't have to be published and no one ever has to see it, but once it’s written, you may decide to elaborate and expand on the piece, slowly creating a piece of art.



This is a great way to preoccupy your mind and hands while still being productive. Similar to cooking, cleaning makes it feel as though I have some control in my life. Also, the finishing result may drastically decrease your stress level.


Stress is almost an inevitable part of life. Sometimes it’s manageable, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. When you feel yourself getting too stressed or a little too out of touch with your world, try to make time to test out any of the activities on this list--or perhaps even find your own! Just remember, even the most stressful days will only last 24 hours.