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Apps that can Help You With Self-Care

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SDSU chapter.

I don’t know about you, but there are days where I’m so busy I don’t eat, drink enough water, or even pause for a moment and just breathe. Between school, work, extracurriculars, and my sorority, most of the 24 hours in my day are dedicated to things around me, but very few hours are left for myself. I’ve definitely felt the burnout of being overwhelmed and often failed to maintain a routine of taking care of myself. My lifelong best friend pointed something out to me at the beginning of 2019 that really helped with creating realistic health goals for myself. She started downloading self care apps on her phone and using her technology to her advantage. The apps will send various notifications throughout your day and for someone like me who doesn’t prioritize myself, this has literally changed my life. Here are a few apps that have really helped me, and hopefully will help you too.

1.) Aloe Bud

I found this app by browsing through self care categories on the app store, and I fell in love with how this one works. With pixelated graphics that remind me of my old Gameboy, you can set cute images for reach reminder you would like to set. They have some that remind you to breathe, rest, hydrate, take medications, and be active. They also have some that are open journals for you to reflect on certain questions, like your motivation in you life and ways you’ve been creative recently. Aloe Bud tracks how often to check in to each category, so you can trace back and see which areas you need to focus more time and effort into. You can also set what time of day and how many days you are reminded for each. Reminding myself to breathe and to hydrate have quickly become some of my most used, but the reason I love Aloe Bud is because you can set reminders for anything you need help with.


2.) Plant Nanny

This is the app my best friend referred me to, and the one that started the browsing binge for all the rest. The premise of this app is that you start out with a new bud, and everytime you drink water you log the ounces in the app. Based on your weight and activity level the app will give you a recommended amount to drink everyday. The water you drink also waters your plant bud, and on days you don’t hydrate your plant begins to wilt. You level up your plant until it’s a completed adult, and then you continue growing your garden by starting with a new bud. Plant Nanny also sends you notifications every few hours (if you allow them) so even if you’re slacking, your plants will remind you! I’ve found it’s a great way to track my water intake and overall keep me hydrated more often than not (which has many benefits for your body).

3.) Meditation

In all honesty, meditation is not something I can practice unassisted. My mind is buzzing with thoughts all day long, and my attempts to quiet them have been unsuccessful. Luckily, there are dozens of apps that provide free guided meditations you can listen to anywhere. A few popular I am constantly seeing are Shine, Happy Not Perfect, and Simple Habit. I am still in the process of finding the app that works best for me, but using them has been a big benefit. It may take some trial and error, but if you’re like me, these apps can definitely help you out. Finding a few minutes throughout the day to calm my mind has helped my anxiety, ability to focus, and reduced my stress.


4.) Mint

This app is a little different from the others, but still a great way to reduce stress in your life. Mint helps you track your spending habits and allows to to set budgets for the month to keep you on top of your money. When you start to approach or exceed a budget’s max, it will send you a notification. You also get weekly and monthly updates by email that give you a broader look at your spending. Within the app, you also can customize each budget depending on the category and decide which charges go towards which budget. Mint also recommends credit cards that would bring you the biggest benefits as well as ways you can invest and grow your funds. Plus, all of this comes for free within the app. You just have to create an account!

No matter how you practice self care, consistency is key. Taking care of your mind and your body can take effort, motivation, and sometimes, constant reminders. In case you haven’t done so today: breathe. Drink some water and eat a snack. If you need to disconnect and recharge your batteries, make some time and do so. You and your health are important.

Alexa is an Art and Journalism student at San Diego State University. A true California native, she loves sunshine, being outdoors, and road trips. Her passions include photography, activism, traveling, writing, drawing, and all things creative. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, the Photo Editor for The Daily Aztec Newspaper, and currently feeding her caffeine addiction as a barista. You can probably find me behind my camera, on Twitter, or perfecting my latte art at Starbucks.
Emily is the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus SDSU. She is a 4th year journalism student from Chicago, IL. At SDSU, she is in Kappa Delta, is the Social Media Director of Rho Lambda and the Vice President Membership of Order of Omega. Emily's favorite hobbies are dancing, online shopping, planning out her Instagram feed, blogging and going to Disneyland. On a daily basis, you can find her glued to her laptop writing blog posts and editing Youtube videos. In the future, she wants to work for the Walt Disney Company on their social media marketing and communications corporate team. Emily's strong passion for digital media & content creation makes her very proud to be a member of the Her Campus team!