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3 Self-Care Tips to Practice During Finals Week

Finals week is just around the corner, and for many of us that admittedly means sitting at our desk for hours at a time, staying up late to cram in additional studying, and relying on caffeine to keep our eyes open. This “suffer now, relax later” mentality may be a tempting way to get through finals week, but practicing self-care is a far better approach. Not only will taking care of yourself ensure that you do better on your exams, but your mind and body will thank you as well!

Here are 3 self-care tips to practice during finals week to ensure that you end your semester on a good note:

Nourish Your Body 

You have probably been told to “drink more water and get more sleep” a million times before. But that’s because the benefits of doing so can seriously transform the way you feel physically and mentally. Fueling up on nutritious food and getting proper rest each night will provide you with the energy you need to focus on your studies and perform well on your exams. Do not underestimate how much brainpower exams require! It’s perfectly normal to feel exhausted at the end of the day. To help your body out, go to bed as early as you can, and in the morning, eat a filling breakfast (oatmeal with fruit is my personal favorite) with a refreshing drink like water or tea. As the day progresses, continue to stay hydrated and eat snacks that energize you. Your body deserves it!

Move Around Often 

If you study at a desk or table, you know how easy it can be to lose track of time and end up sitting in the same position for hours. Not only is this harmful to your body, but it also makes getting off track of your study schedule easier, especially if there are distractions nearby. Don’t even get me started on how many times I’ve told myself “one YouTube video won’t hurt” only to look up and find that one hour has passed. Occasionally getting up and moving around during your study sessions is one of the best ways to avoid falling behind schedule. If you catch yourself gravitating towards your phone or another distraction, stand up, go on a walk, or do some of your favorite stretches! Any type of movement is a great way to help clear your mind before going back to studying. 

Reward Yourself 

You don’t have to wait until finals week is over to reward yourself! Sometimes 10-15 minute breaks aren’t enough time between study sessions to take a deep breath and refresh your mind. It is perfectly okay to set aside an evening or afternoon (heck, I do my relaxing in the morning) to spend time doing something that makes you happy and helps you with your mental and/or physical health. Maybe it’s your skincare routine that keeps you sane, or watching an episode of your comfort TV show. Don’t feel guilty for spending time on something that you know will uplift your mood and ultimately help you with your finals!

So remember, even though finals week can be busy, it’s important to set aside time for self-care. Whether it’s by making a delicious home-cooked meal, taking an afternoon walk, or putting on a face mask—treat yourself! You have made it this far along and now it’s time to finish strong. You got this!

Emily is a second-year student studying Integrated Marketing Communications at San Diego State University. In her free time, she loves to watch films, hike, and cook.
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