The Ultimate Dorm workout for the busy College Student

Every girl can relate to being so busy that the gym isn’t even an option. The amount of time travelling to it, doing your workout, and going back home is sometimes too much for the girl who needs to grind. But look no further, I have made the perfect dorm workout for the busy body. This workout consists of thirty minutes of heart pounding body weight exercises that gives your body the cardio it needs for a lesser amount of time. This HIIT workout will have 30 second intervals where you do the exercise for 30 seconds then rest for 30 seconds. Do this for 30 minutes and you just did your days’ worth of cardio.

Exercise 1: Squat jumps

This exercise works your booty, your calves, glutes, and core all at once. You can add a weight, (usually I just hold my biology textbook) to help add to this exercise. Do this for 30 seconds and rest. 

Exercise 2: Alternating Jump Lunges 

Similar to the squat jump, do a lunge, but in between each lunge, jump when you’re switching your legs. Do this for 30 seconds then rest. This helps build the booty! But also remember with this exercise, that you should land with your knees at a 90-degree angle so it puts the weight on your legs, instead of your knees. 


Exercise 3: Squat to plank 

This exercise starts off with a low squat position but then you jump to a plank and hold it for 2 second before going back to your original position. Make sure you maintain a low squat when alternating between squat and plank so you can engage your glutes the whole exercise. 



Exercise 4: High Knees

This basic exercise is a staple to get your heart pumping. While doing this exercise, make sure your knees go higher than your belly button and that you are consistently moving them. Remember it’s only 30 seconds so put your all into this exercise! 


So ladies, remember that you can always squeeze a workout in, even if it’s for thirty minutes. A baddie will always find a way.