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Self-care night! Over and over again we hear all about how so and so is going to have a self-care day, and honestly, we say it a lot ourselves. Those nights are filled with facemasks, nail polish and moisturizer, and while all of those things are great, are we really caring for ourselves? Our whole selves? It’s important to focus on caring for our insides as well as our outside. 

When was the last time you really checked in on yourself? How do you feel about that test you took last week? Are you really engaged in your conversations when you’re with your friends? How’d things go with that boy last weekend? Remember to ask yourself questions like these every once in a while. It’s really easy to check in on your friends and make sure they’re doing okay. We constantly see posts on social media about checking in on your loved ones and please don’t get me wrong here; it’s so important to check in on the people you care about. But at the same time, how can you expect yourself to help them if you can’t help yourself first? 

Treat yourself like your own best friend. That little voice inside your head and that feeling in your heart needs to be checked in on too! Ask her about the good and the bad, the highs and the lows of the past few days. Think about the little things, the way the person in front of you held the classroom door on their way in, the way you killed your workout in the gym this morning. Appreciate the good and the bad and all that you’ve experienced recently. If you find yourself feeling low, don’t stress! It happens to all of us! We’re young, stressed, hormonal, we’re really always going through a lot, so don’t be hard on yourself if your week has not been all sunshine and rainbows. Just ask yourself how you feel about these things! Talk through it, write it out, pray about it, whatever makes you feel at peace. All that I ask is that you really check in on yourself! 

So, hear me out, I’m not saying that facemasks and nail painting and Netflix filled nights aren’t a good way to have a self-care night. I’m just reminding you that we have to take care of our mental beings as much as our physical bodies. So, girl put on that face mask and those slippers and eat that chocolate, but don’t forget to crack open that journal every once in a while and really have a conversation with yourself. Am I really doing okay? 


Shannon Gill

Scranton '21

Senior Exercise Science Major at The University of Scranton
Carly Long

Scranton '22

Carly is a senior studying Strategic Communications with a concentration in Legal Studies at The University of Scranton. This is her third year as CC at HC Scranton, which she hopes to continue to elevate. In her free time Carly can be found writing, working out, or buying new products to feed her skincare addiction.