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Let’s face it, we all have issues, but 9/10 times, coconut oil could probably fix it. Before we get into the actual uses of it, what makes it so good for us anyways? Well, coconut oil is super high in saturated fats (the healthy kind). This means that it effects our diet in a totally different way than most other fats would. Basically, we can experience; fat loss, better brain functioning, quick energy, and literally hundreds of other things. 



Like we said, there are so many uses for coconut oil. For the sake of time, we’re just going to tell you a couple that we think are most relevant for us college babes. 


1. Hair

So, if you’re like us, you are probably a victim of straightening your hair WAY too much. But, thankfully for coconut oil, we can salvage our beloved locks of love. Literally, lather your hair in coconut oil, wrap that ishhh up in a plastic cap, and hit the sheets. When you wake up, wash it out (takes a couple good rinses since its oily), and voila! Now you have softer, shinier hair, and maybe that boy from class will notice your mane glistening from across the room.  


2. Beauty

Coconut oil helps liquefy your makeup, which makes it easier to take off. All you need is a dab of it and get to rubbing. Coconut oil has healing properties that will nourish those lips, protecting us during chapped lip season (winter is coming, save those lips). Coconut oil also has a natural SPF which can protect you from the sun, as well as soothing a sunburn (a must have on spring break ladies). You can also rub this all over your treasured temple of a body, which will; soothe skin after shaving, help reduce stretch marks, and hydrate skin. 



3. Cooking

Last topic, which is difficult for us college degenerates. Healthy food, too expensive. Healthy tip, priceless (actually, maybe around $7). Instead of using regular oil, subs in coconut oil. Literally. That. Easy. And also, as we mentioned earlier, an easy way to get that boost of energy we all need, especially since finals are coming up. You can also use this wonderful stuff to bake, again, sub out the oil/butter and use the coconut oil instead. Super easy (and cheap), way to attempt that healthy lifestyle we all so deeply desire. 

In conclusion, we would like to say: If coconut oil can’t fix it, you got a serious problem. 





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