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Every time the new year approaches, resolutions are made and attempted to be carried out. Some people follow through with them while others do not. It’s always interesting to think about what it would be like to make a new year’s resolution and actually stick to it. So, this year, we did. It’s now March and so much progress has already been made toward a new year of being mentally, physically and emotionally happy. Nothing screams “a better lifestyle” like realizing how important it is to keep the good people in your life close, get rid of those who are toxic and appreciate your self-worth in the process.


Friendships and relationships can play a big factor in your attitude, self-esteem and overall perception of yourself and the world. You may not realize how toxic a relationship or friendship is until you see it from an outside perspective. Someone who you once believed you were going to spend the rest of your life with or a friend who you believed you could count on for anything can turn out to be the complete opposite. The attitude of a pessimistic “friend” who constantly complains and brings a negative presence to your life will eventually start reflecting in your own actions and beliefs. Similarly, a controlling and disrespectful significant other can also bring negativity into your life by making you question your own self-esteem and self-worth.


As part of Self-Care Week, we wanted to share our personal experience regarding just how much distancing yourself from negative people can have on your overall happiness and well-being. As part of our cliché “new year’s resolution,” we decided to actually make a change in how we live our day-to-day lives. By getting involved in more clubs, interacting with new people and immersing ourselves in what the city of Scranton offers, we have, in a sense, become better versions of ourselves.

Separating yourself from an unhealthy and draining relationship or friendship can be hard, but recognizing you’re involved in one in the first place can be even more difficult. Once you see yourself showing negative attitudes that are inconsistent with your genuine character, reconsidering the people you hang out with is the first step in reaching a “healthier you.” Another step that we found helpful in becoming mentally and physically healthier was getting involved. We decided that instead of sitting in our dorms all weekend, we would go out and experience the city of Scranton. We visit coffee shops on the weekends, which provide a positive and peaceful vibe to catch up with friends or do homework. A change of scenery can be a vital step in a more positive lifestyle, so we go to Nay Aug Park on days when there is nice weather.


Another part of our new healthier lifestyle is going to the gym. People may not realize how important this is, not only for your physical health but also for your mental health. It helps you reduce stress, improve self-confidence and accomplish more. We have personally seen it help us, especially in getting more work done and learning how to balance our time.

When you’re drowning in homework, it’s always helpful to give yourself a break so it’s easier to focus. This is what we’ve been doing—our success reflecting in our refreshed minds and exceeding grades. The gym plays a huge role in a healthy and positive lifestyle, but so does getting involved on campus. During your time at college, you’ll probably get sick of all the teachers and students repeating themselves about how important it is to get involved, but we cannot stress enough how true that statement is. During our first year at the U, we were not involved in any clubs or activities; however, this year we joined many different clubs that sparked our interest including Her Campus and Circle K. Comparing these past two years, we’ve concluded that getting involved does, in fact, make your time here much more enjoyable. It’s only week four of the new semester, and we’ve already made tons of new friends and shared some wonderful memories because of these new activities.

The new year’s resolution that the three of us made is so essential. We cannot stress enough how important getting involved and away from the negative energy is in our own journey of self-exploration. Negative people and bad habits can impact your life immensely. Luckily, we realized this sooner rather than later and started living life in a more optimistic way. Our journey to a happier, healthier and overall better lifestyle has only begun, and we’re so excited to see how the future plays out with these newfound positive vibes on our mind. As the legendary John Mayer says, “I am not done changing. Out on the run, changing. I may be old and I may be young, but I am not done changing.” We’re not done either, John!


21, Senior, Counseling and Human Services Major and Criminal Justice Minor at the University of Scranton
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