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In this season of life it may be difficult to sit back and just relax. I often find myself stressed out about many things. While it can be difficult, it is so important to make sure to take care of yourself. While this has been a difficult semester, here are some things that I do to de-stress and take a break. 


One of the number one things I believe helps me to calm down is journaling. I love being able to write out my feelings. It really helps me get out any frustration I had about my day or even makes me feel extra good when I am able to write about a success. Sometimes, I even find it helpful to write about a bad day, rip up the paper, and throw it out. This is a huge stress relief for me because I feel like that bad day can be put behind me and I can start fresh! 


I love to bake. I have such a passion for trying new things and during the pandemic I really have been able to do this a lot. I believe this really helps me to get out my creativity and enjoy some of the “sweeter” things in life. Even if you struggle with baking from scratch, picking up a boxed cake mix and frosting to decorate cupcakes can be something fun and relaxing. 

Taking a bath or shower 

In my personal opinion, there is nothing better than being able to come home after a difficult day and get some of your favorite products to take a hot shower. I feel like that quiet time by myself can be so relaxing and really puts me in a better mood. When I get home from work and I know I have an assignment due later that day, the first thing I will do is take a relaxing shower and then do my work. This really puts me in a good mindset where I am ready to accomplish my tasks ahead. 

While these might not work for everyone, they have really helped me de-stress. Maybe the next time you had a rough day pick up a journal or even go make some cookies. I can say that while it may not fix everything, you can be proud of yourself for trying! 

Lauryn Beermann

Scranton '22

Lauryn is a Junior Health Promotion major with a minor in Counseling & Human Services at the University of Scranton. She enjoys writing, photography, traveling, and fashion. You can follow her journey on Instagram @laurynelizabethb
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