How to stay sane during finals week

1. Take time for self-care

It is important to take time away from studying in order to maintain physical and mental health during times of stress. You need time to absorb the material you study, and it is nice to take the time to treat yourself to face masks and cookies. Try to take time each night and do something for yourself as a break from studying. Self-care is not just physical though! Spiritual self-care can include meditation and yoga classes and mental self-care can include taking breaks from stressful situations.

2. Stay hydrated

Cold water can help you energize without overloading your body with caffeine! It can also help reduce stress and stress related acne. We all know that drinking water is good for you, but it is very important during finals week! Getting dehydrated takes focus away from what you should be doing, and when there are already so many distractions on campus, we don’t need another. 

3. Get enough sleep

Sleep is important to consolidate memories of what you have learned, so getting enough sleep can actually help you remember! You will also feel refreshed and ready to conquer your exams with enough sleep! Try to schedule a time when you will put your books away and get some sleep. At that time, try to keep social media and electronics away from the bed because that can reduce the time you actually get to sleep! 

4. Dress for success

We’ve all heard the saying “dress for success,” but by putting on real clothes, your body wakes up more than just wearing sweats to class. If you wear sweats, then your body may think that it is still time to sleep and will not be as attentive to the exam. This also gives your body time to wake up while you get ready instead of rolling out of bed to class. You wouldn’t walk into work in sweatpants, would you?

5. Remove yourself from stressful situations (or people)

Since most of us stress over finals, it is important to create a calm environment in order to make studying beneficial instead of stressful. Some ways to do this are to diffuse essential oils, play peaceful music, or find a comfy chair. Find what works for you and stick to it. Even though people may ask you to study together, think about if it will be beneficial for you or if you will absorb their stressed attitude. 

Good luck!