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A Sad Girl’s Guide to Getting Through Finals Week

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

Not to sound like a broken record, but finals week is really hard. Between studying and packing up your whole life in just a couple of days to move back home, the transition from college to home leaves so many college students feeling burned out. Tie in mental health issues, and suddenly navigating your final week at university seems a lot more difficult than it sounds.

But don’t you fret! I see finals week coming up around the bend and I can help you prepare before they even begin. I’ve got a compiled list for all of you sad girls out there who are just like me. Sometimes it’s hard to get through a mentally exhausting week when you’re already mentally exhausted. I’ve learned a lot throughout my years of working through depression, and battling it isn’t as easy as riding a bike, but I’ve got some tips and tricks to keep you moving and motivated for your final week before home.

Tip #1 Please go outside!

I know, your bed feels so comfy right now. And getting dressed and putting some shoes on feels unnecessary when you can simply study in the comfort of your dorm room. But believe me, from one sad girl to another, all those annoying blogs and influencers are kinda right when they say going outside helps. I’m not telling you this will cure your slump, but it will get you moving. Even if this just means the short walk from your dorm to the library, it will still be improvement. Try not to measure your progress with others, if going outside for a moment is your progress, it is your progress and that is amazing on its own. Basically, keep your legs moving and you’ll soon find your mind will shortly follow after.

Tip #2 Make a schedule and be okay with breaking it

I’ve always struggled with keeping to the schedules I make for myself. I have absolutely no self-control and writing down that I will study until 5 pm will not particularly mean I will actually be studying until then. But it’s a start. Sometimes, all I need to get going is to tell myself I’m supposed to be going. Another idea is to tell others that you’re going to be studying or doing some work at a certain time of day. This way, friends are less likely to distract you, and they’re holding you accountable as well. And as embarrassing as this is to share, one of my favorite

tactics is to convince myself I’m the main character of a movie or a book. Everyone’s favorite protagonist would totally be studying right now, and she would look cute while doing it!

Tip #3 Take a break before you fall asleep on your laptop

Hey you! Yeah, you. Sad girl who craves academic validation. I see you, and I’m telling you to give yourself some breaks. Go get coffee for twenty minutes, take a walk around campus, or even call someone from home. I’m not telling you to stop studying, I’m telling you that studying does you no good when you’re too tired to keep going. I am giving you permission to take a break.

Tip #4 Moisturizing is for everyone, even sad girls like us

It’s hard to keep up with self-care during finals week; sometimes it’s hard to keep up with self-care all the time. Either way, finals week is no reason to break your streak or prolong your broken streak. I find that when I take care of myself, I feel better about myself. And when I feel better about myself, I have the mental space to worry about the other important things going on outside of my mind. I’m sure no one else around me can tell, but when I moisturize, I am happier. Take the time to take a long shower, listen to your music, put on a face mask. Do whatever makes you feel good about yourself!

Tip #5 Stop comparing yourself to the happier girls or the sadder girls

It’s the 21st century and we’re all still terrified of not being enough. I’m not studying enough, I’m studying too much, I don’t care enough, I care too much. We’ve heard it all before. And I’m here to remind you that everyone processes things differently. Some of us study for hours and hours and are still disappointed, while others barely study at all and are always satisfied. Oftentimes, people receive grades that show how hard they worked, but not always. Either way, comparing does nothing for anyone. So, stop beating yourself up because your friend works harder than you. And stop looking down at others who have “easier majors” or don’t seem to put in as much effort. Focus on yourself and your own grades, those are the only ones that matter anyway.

Tip #6 I promise you that sleeping with solve everything

The number of times I’ve been told to just go to sleep. I used to hate on bedtimes and valuing my sleep. I would pride myself on staying up late and running on zero all the time. But when my mental health began to fail me, I started noticing how much sleep can affect my day. So please, for me, get some sleep tonight. It can wait until the morning. Allow for yourself to rest, and I promise all will feel better by tomorrow.

I hope some of these tips were able to help all the sad girls out there going through finals week just like me. Sometimes you need someone to look out for you during finals week, so take care of your friends and let them take care of you too. You’re so close to the finish line. Give yourself this win and don’t let the sadness overcome you. You’ve got this, sad girl!

Brenna Parker

Scranton '25

Hey :) I'm Brenna and I'm a junior English major, communications minor. I'm honored to be the editor of our Scranton Chapter of HerCampus!