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9 Fall Foods and Their Amazing Benefits

Cranberries (raw, organic): The Fighting Antioxidant

Protects against aging inflammation with anthocyanin pigments.

Promotes digestion and helps fight against UTI’s due to heavy lymph flow!

Sweet Potato: Beta-Carotene

Vitamin A: Skin smoother; helps cell division

Vitamin C: Promotes healthy bones and teeth

Vitamin B6: Supports metabolism, keeps you full and satisfied without feeling sluggish!

A perfect carb alterative for regular potatoes!

Broccoli: Prevents stress-related inflammation

Vitamin C: Builds collagen, prevents wrinkles, strengthens bones; packed with potassium.

Vitamin K: Strengthens capillaries

Glucosinolates, an aroma and flavor compound, regulates detoxification and boosts antioxidants!

Butternut Squash: Benefits skin and hair

Vitamin A: Heals skin

Vitamin B: Produces red blood cells that help nourish hair!

Vitamin E: Protects against toxins

Contains Iron and even Omega- 3s!!!!

Chard: The green secret weapon: improves hair and nails

Vitamin B: (Biotin) aids the body to process protein!

Vitamin A & C: Cell repair

Vitamin E: UV protection

Contains lutein which may reduce wrinkles!

Kohlrabi: An aid in liver detox!

Breaks down sulforaphane, which lowers inflammation.

Vitamin C: Builds collagen

Vitamin B: Strengthens hair

Promotes healthy blood flow, blood sugar stability and aids digestion!

Shiitake Mushrooms: Immunity booster

Vitamin B: helps form red blood cells

Vitamin D: protects against disease

Saves skin with selenium and contains iron!

Figs (my favorite things in the world): Alkaline-heavy fruit!!

Digestive aid

Contains magnesium, manganese, calcium, potassium.

Contains anti-aging omega fatty acids and amino acids that help blood flow!

Pumpkin: Anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory!

Vitamin A: beauty booster

Lutein and zeaxanthin protects your eyes from aging damage.

Natural diuretic, high in fiber so it reduces water retention! 

                  Seeds: source of zinc, reduces bacteria that cause blemishes. Produces relaxing serotonin. 

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