How to Eat On-the-Go


If you’re anything like me, or most girls on campus, going hungry in class is no fun. It seems to worsen the drowsiness during those early morning lectures, heighten your aggravation with your partners durng class projects, OR WORSE – the stomach growls.  To you, it seems loud enough for the whole class to hear. And sadly enough, they probably did. But, fear not. Here are some tips and tricks to never going hungry while in class again – and best of all, they’re all healthy!

1. Grab-n-go breakfast:  Nothing sucks more than having an early class (we’re talking 8 AM) only having to give yourself the extra time to cook and eat breakfast before it’s time to head out the door. And let’s be real. We end up tossing half of it in the garbage because we’re running late. To avoid this, try opting out for a snack bar, like the Cliff Bar, which are made with organic oats and soybean. Or Chobani Greek Yogurt, which contains tons of probiotics.

2. Pack your own bottle of water: It is true what they say: water is good for you. Fueling yourself throughout the day with water will quench your thirst and just might kill those mid-class nod offs. To make it easier, purchase a reusable water bottle. That way, you can simply fill it with water and go – without having to worrying about running out of bottles of water.

3. DIY fruit smoothie: If you’re feeling extra ambitious, make your own fruit smoothie! Fruit smoothies are filled with tons of nutrition, satisfying thirst and hunger at the same time. My personal favorite is a berry banana almond smoothie.  All you’ll need is half a cup of orange juice, 2 scoops of almond Greek yogurt, what ever berries of your choosing, and a banana. And walah! The great part is this only takes a few minutes!

4. Bagged lunches are not out of style: It seems the older we get, the more bagged lunches fade out of our lives. Sure, our moms used to faithfully pack them for us in elementary school. But in actuality, we need them more than ever. To make it easier on yourself, prepare your sandwich the night before. Choose any yummy meat between ham, turkey, pepperoni, roast beef, chicken, etc. Have fun with it! You’ll thank yourself in the morning.

5. Fruits will keep you energized: Sometimes all we need is a cool, refreshing fruit to wake us back up. Think of it as the healthy version of coffee. Packing a couple oranges and apples, or a small bowl of grapes and strawberries can really make a difference in your day. You can even dress up this quick snack with add-ons like cool whip or peanut butter.