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Get a Good Night’s Rest with a Short Nightly Workout Routine

Do you ever lose sleep over assignments?  Do you find you’re staying up late to work on yet another project? Watching the hours of the night go by while pulling all-nighters can be discouraging. The work you produce may not even be to its full potential. Being in college can often be stressful. There is always work to do, chapters to read, study sessions, and let us not forget social events to attend. All these aspects of college factor into the stress level of so many college students. Based on research, exercise can be a great stress reliever, as well as aid in getting a great night’s sleep.

Stress affects our mind and body in many different ways. One Huffingtonpost article on the Science of Stress, says that remaining stressed over an extended period of time can deteriorate our physical and mental health. And of course everyone who stresses knows this, but did you know that it can even cause disorders. Even more, stress can literally cause chemical changes in our brain. Based on research by the Brain Mind Institute (BMI) at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in France, when a certain enzyme is attacked by stress it causes fewer synapses to occur. This then leads to less social activity, memory loss and can make you not want to be social. The brain is constantly processing flight or fight responses while stressed and can restrict the ability to retain new information.  

Illustration by Christine Burney

Exercise is one of the best ways to combat this — it can be very beneficial to stress levels and sleeping habits. Exercise can improve “alertness, concentration, and overall function of the body, while simultaneously reduce stress levels.”  According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, going for a walk for 10 minutes is just as beneficial as working out for 45 minutes. This also helps with the lethargic, sleepy feeling during the day. Another study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, out of 2600 people 65% slept better after exercising after 150 minutes of exercise a week. 

Generally a college student’s schedule is busy, so some may not have the time to spare to go to the gym regularly. But remember, a short 10 minute workout is just as beneficial as working out for 45 minutes. There are many apps you can download to get a workout routine going — one of those is The Fitgirls Guide. This app tells you all you need to do, each day, for all 28 days. It’s a series of short workouts that do not require workout equipment or a large area to workout in. The app also includes sample recipes of scrumptious food that are great before and after workouts to aid your progress. Last but not least, it sends messages of encouragement occasionally to keep you going strong. 

Get a better sleep tonight by starting your 28 day challenge. It will benefit you in and outside of those lecture halls, not to mention, it’s a great opportunity to get fit for your spring break fun!

Ivy Banks


Born in northern Virginia and raised by New Yorkers, Ivy was exposed to a lot growing up. Ivy Bank$ is a Film & Television major at SCAD Atlanta. Born to two Artist, it's no mystery on why she decided to take up the arts herself. As a little girl she lined the walls of her room with her own paintings. As she grew, so did technology and her interest in different art forms. By her preteens she took up filmmaking, and has stuck with it ever since. At the age of 17, she was diagnosed with a rare brain condition that only spared her some sight in her right eye. Due to the extreme amount of vision loss, she stepped away from physical filmmaking. To deal with the pain of a huge lifestyle change she took up writing. Writing for Ivy has become a way for her to express her deepest thoughts, and help others visualize the way she views the world. She's very passionate about writing screenplays, and aspires to direct her own studio film one day. Follow her on Instagram @boy.no
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