Affirmations You Need to Repeat

This semester has been extremely difficult. I know that we have all been working hard and hard on ourselves. So here are some affirmations for you to read, write and rewrite, and tell your friends because we all need to hear.


"You are loved"

This is an easy one to forget, but you are so loved

Designecologist / Unsplash

"You are wanted"

This goes along the lines of being and feeling loved, you are wanted.


"You Matter"

The world would be such a different place without you here. You are important to this world.


"You are beautiful"

You are! Go look in the mirror and say some of the things you would say to your best 

friend. Because you deserve to hear them too.

woman looking at her reflection in mirror Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

"You are strong"

You’re living through a pandemic and still attending school! Look at you!


I"’m proud of you"

I know people in our lives don’t always tell us this when we need to hear it, but I’m proud of you

Letterboard - Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production from Unsplash  

"Your grades are not your worth"

However, you conclude the semester you are worthy of everything you want out of life and more.


Remember to take care of yourself this finals and holiday season. You are so important to this world. Repeat these out loud to yourself, write it somewhere you’ll see it often, write it on your hand if you need. This year has been a battle that isn’t over yet, but you will survive, you will make it, and it will get better.