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Why Everyone Should Have a Fitness Tracker

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Salisbury chapter.

I absolutely love my FitBit and think that everyone should have some type of fitness tracker. I’m not very active but I think it’s important to know where you’re at and work on improving it.

Maybe you think you’re meeting that glorified 10,000 but you’re actually not? A fitness tracker will let you know and then you can start taking the long way to class or the stairs instead of the elevator for those extra steps of activity. Small changes like these could help jump start your fitness journey or make you realize you’re making healthier choices.

My first fitness tracker was a Misfit and I loved the simple waterproof design, sleep tracking and step counting. Even the simplest of fitness trackers will count your steps so don’t feel like you need to spend big to get the benefits. I personally prefer to have sleep tracking just because it helps when dealing with my other health issues.

I then moved to a Fitbit that was also waterproof because of my job as a barista but once that was done, I got a different one that had heart rate tracking to better track my sleep and overall health.

They’ve all helped me shed a few pounds, realize how I can improve my health, whether by having a better sleep schedule or being more active, and made this health journey all that more enjoyable. Some apps have compatibility with these fitness trackers and can make it easier to track calories in and out, and others have step competitions to help you get moving and feel accomplished. There’s a fitness tracker for every need, it’s just a matter of what you want and what you can afford.

I'm a student at Salisbury University studying to major in Medical Laboratory with hopes of going into the Forensic field. I love my Puggle named Bruno and am blessed to have a great group of friends.
Nadia Williams is a senior studying Political Science, Communications and French at Salisbury University. She enjoys writing about policy, media and culture. She hopes to use journalism as a tool to empower others to play an active role in their communities.