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Self Care: How To Address Your Flaws

This year I've focusing more on myself and trying to work on being a better person and taking the time to properly do self care. For those of you who think self care is simply buying facemarks and taking long baths, I hate to burst your bubble but it is more than that. While self care does include taking time for yourself (and yes facemasks), what I feel like the media fails to sell to you, is that self care is about accountability and owning up to your shortcomings as a person and trying to improve. The keyword being trying. Everyone is at a different stage in their self care and self love journeys so don't compare yourself to others and don't be too hard on yourself!

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My latest question I’ve been thinking a lot about is what do you do when you recognize your flaws but aren't sure how to change them? A personal example is that I am a very indecisive person. It’s not that I don’t like to make choices, I just have this idealization of wanting everything and somehow being able to have it all (which is not achievable) . The issue with this is that because I want all of the opportunities, I often fail to make a choice between the ones I have, and end up with minimal opportunities because I took too long to decide.

But now what? I’ve recognized and articulated my flaw but how do I begin to change that? The egotistical part of me wants to relabel my flaw as being ambitious and not settling for less, which are positive aspects of this. However relabeling it isn’t actually addressing the negative impact my indecisiveness. So that leads me to another question; How can I become less indecisive? The first step to this I think is addressing why I am indecisive. I know there’s a reason more to it than I want it all. Why do I want it all? Honestly I think it’s because I have difficulty trusting the future. But now that I have come to this realization I feel quite stuck. Yes, I have learned more about myself but how do I fix it? This is where research and google came in. (and why writing about your own journey is important!).

I don’t have the answers but other people might, so looking around online might not directly change anything but it can give you helpful tips to reflect on yourself and/or find tips on how to begin changing!


Ellie is currently a Sophomore studying at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. Her focus of study is Fiber Arts (Textile design) as well as Fashion. When she isn't making art, you can find her out getting coffee, reading a mystery novel, or in the gym. To find out what else she does on a daily basis, Follow her @somersellie on Instagram.
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