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Ways To Destress During Midterms

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sacred Heart chapter.

If any of you are anything like me, you tend to stress over the uncontrollable and unavoidable. Thereby, midterm season puts extra weight on your shoulders. Though achieving good grades is an essential component to being a successful college student – our wellbeing as individuals should always come first. Grades never define who you are as an individual, despite the academic pressure that is placed upon our shoulders as college students. To do the best that you can academically, it is important that you both nourish your mind and body during these stressful times. These specific tips and tricks will ensure that you are mentally well enough to succeed both in the classroom and in your daily lives.

  1. Get Plenty of Sleep / Fuel Yourself

I’m sure everyone saw this coming; however, we are all guilty of being sleep-deprived college students at points in our lives – During exam heavy weeks, it is crucial that we are able to exhibit 8 or so hours of sleep per night on top of daily 30 minutes-1 hour naps throughout the day as needed. Throughout the night as we sleep our brains reabsorb and review information; therefore, instead of reviewing late at night for an exam, allow yourself to rest and reabsorb the information you already know. Besides further unconsciously reviewing information, sleep helps us reduce stress and improves our relationships. The perks of getting a good nights’ rest are endless, ensure that you are holding yourself to good sleep during these stressful times.

Also, it is essential that you are fueling your body, especially during times that your brain is expected to perform at a high level. This means 3 full meals a day and additional snacks whenever you feel hungry or unfulfilled. Forgetting to eat or skipping meals is a significant problem throughout college culture; however, the effects of not eating enough to maintain stability throughout our daily lives are detrimental to our wellbeing. Without the proper nourishment or fuel that food provides us, we will not be able to perform at our best academically.

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  1. Take Some Time for Your Happiness-

This is more of a personal token for those like me in the aspect of pushing aside your personal happiness / needs for a specific deadline or a project due. I am guilty of putting my mental and emotional needs second in order to achieve highly in the classroom, which sometimes is a good characteristic, but other times leaves me feeling especially drained. To excel within the classroom or throughout our daily lives as individuals, we need to put our mental health first. My favorite quote, “You can’t pour from an empty cup” applies to all aspects of these situations, being that if you don’t put your own needs & wellbeing before life’s demands, the work you produce will not be to the best of your ability. It is essential as a successful college student to get your work done and turn in assignments when they are due; however, in the meanwhile ensure that you are taking breaks to check-in with how you are feeling. Some ways to go about taking care of you are meditation, journaling, listening to music, going for drives, or sharing your personal stressors with those you trust. For me, if I’m every feeling especially stressed, my suitemates are there to make me laugh ?

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  1. Prepare for the Material-

When you have taken the proper steps to ensure your mental and emotional health are sufficient – you are ready to properly absorb the information for the exam. In studying for an exam, preparing an essay, or finishing a project; I always tend to break the material up into multiple days’ worth of work. For me, I cannot work under pressure or procrastinate without mentally deteriorating; therefore, to produce your best work, ensure that you are reviewing the material multiple days in advance. If this means reviewing your notes, utilizing your planner, or outlining an essay or study guide; take these essential steps in ensuring your best foot is forward.





I know that midterm week is a horrific time in the life of a college student; however, we can avoid feeling overwhelmed if we manage our time efficiently and take time for ourselves. I believe in all your abilities to succeed with flashing colors, and as always, if any of you need any extra support + love during these times I am here for every one of you.


With love,


Madison Miller

Sacred Heart '23

Hello beautiful people! My name is Maddy Miller and I'm a freshman at Sacred Heart University. I love writing because it helps me to express my emotions and find inner happiness. I love the color yellow, farm animals, iced tea, and photography. Not to mention, life itself! (:
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