How to Deal With Anxiety as a Freshman

I have always struggled with anxiety, especially throughout high school. Since coming to college, I have learned that it's important to accept when you are having problems, and take care of your mental state.

1. Constantly make yourself busy.

This can be as simple as going next door to your neighbor, and asking them about their day. Grab a friend and go to the library. I always grab a coffee from the Starbucks cafe inside, so I can stay away, and enjoy myself. Try to limit your alone time. It is okay to enjoy alone time, but going through anxiety alone is not always beneficial. Join a club! I have signed up for 5 clubs this semester, which makes every night busy for me.

2. Talk to someone.

My orientation leader has made herself invested in my life, and is always there to listen. Take advantage of your OL, and even your RSA. My RSA sends emails all the time, and wants us to come to her with any questions. Don't be afraid to ask for help, because everyone needs help at times, ESPECIALLY as a freshman.

3. Facetime home. 

When I miss my dad, or my little sister, I will send them a text asking to Facetime. And it's the best when they show me my pets! Facetiming makes you feel a lot less homesick, and relieves a lot of anxiety.

4. Try to exercise.

I know exercising isn’t everyone's favorite thing to do, but it can be fun. I started an intramural volleyball team with my close friends, and will be practicing and playing with them. There are various opportunities on campus that allow you to get up and workout. Exercise reduces stress and anxiety, and releases endorphins that allow you to feel better. Things like yoga, pilates, or a run around campus can be really fun!

5. Organize!

I bought a cheap agenda at Walmart, and use it to write everything down. A lot of anxiety, at least for me, comes from the feeling of being overwhelmed and unorganized. A way to relieve this anxiety about school work, is to write all of your assignments down with their due dates. This is a way to make sure you don't miss your deadlines, and are always on top of everything.


6. Download relaxing apps/listen to music.

There is an app that I downloaded that helps a lot with my anxiety called Calm. This app allows you to pick a certain “mission” that you want to accomplish. There are various areas: happiness, stress, sleep, anxiety, etc. Apps are a great way to be organized in trying to help your anxiety. This app allows you to listen to calming music, and gives you tips on how to relieve that anxiety or stress. Listening to music that makes you happy is always a great thing to do. When I am feeling extra anxious, I put my headphones in and play my favorite artists. This is a way to take a step away from your own life, and listen to the words, and stories of others through music.

Remember to always put your own well being first!