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Burnout: What is it and How to Handle It

What is Burnout?
Burnout is worse than plain old, ordinary fatigue. Burnout affects your physical, mental, and emotional performance. The stress that leads to burnout can cause you to be unable to complete everyday tasks. Being in college during the pandemic and most campuses pushing students to not travel by cancelling breaks, burnout is more prevalent than ever.
Constantly being exposed to high levels of stress with little to no break can lead to burnout. As college students we are all busy. We have classes, homework assignments, exams, extra curriculars, work, and anything else we may be a part of. People who are typically “Type A”, need to be in control, and who strive for perfection are even more susceptible to burnout.

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Signs of Burnout
Signs of burnout include exhaustion, isolating yourself from others, searching for escapes such as alcohol or drugs to cope, being irritable, and frequently becoming sick because the body is so overworked. When you are on the verge of becoming burnt out you may be in denial, thinking you can handle this, and you don’t need a break. Feelings of emptiness or anxiety are other common symptoms of burnout. People who are burning out often neglect their needs such as eating or sleeping enough.

How do you Prevent Burnout?
Some ways to prevent burnout by keeping your body healthy is exercising, eating a balanced diet, and getting enough sleep. Other tips to prevent burnout are asking for help, learning to say no, and making time for yourself to do non-work-related activities! This is super important.

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 Check on Your Loved Ones
Burnout can happen to anyone. If you are not the one experiencing burnout, check in with your friends and family who may be. Listen to them talk, validate their feelings and concerns, offer help, even do a kind gesture towards them such as surprising them with their favorite treat or planning a relaxing activity for you to do with them as a break.

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An amazing quote to learn to live by is, “Don’t work yourself to the bone for 5 days just to relax for 2”. This means that you should allow time in yourself to relax a little bit during the week and not just the weekends. It is important and totally normal, even encouraged, to take breaks.

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