RU Ready to Sweat Out Those Thanksgiving Calories?

Now that Thanksgiving has come to a close and you have eaten your weight in turkey, it’s time to get off of the couch and hit the gym. There are plenty of options for ways to remain in shape, not just after Thanksgiving, but year round. If the gym isn’t for you or may seem intimidating, there are plenty of other ways to workout. Workout classes are the way to go. These classes are by far one of the best workouts a person can get. You aren’t working out alone and you have an instructor or personal trainer to push you to limits you didn’t even know you had. Rutgers is a prime location for workout classes. Both on and off campus are several workout class opportunities.  Once Thanksgiving break is over, you will be able to get into a workout schedule for you!

CKO (Cardio Kickboxing)

If you are looking for a way to release all of your pent-up, college student rage, then CKO is certainly the way to go. Cardio Kickboxing is an intensive cardio workout that combines music and kickboxing all in one. In these classes you are not just standing and punching a bag for the entirety of it. Oh no, you will be doing burpees, pushups, running laps, jumping jacks, and practically any cardio workout you can imagine. This may seem intimidating, but trust me, it is a very welcoming environment and you will get the workout of a lifetime. Luckily for us here at Rutgers there are two close CKO studios. There is one in Somerset and another in North Brunswick. I highly would recommend going to one of these classes if you want to get in shape and have a blast while doing it!


Zumba is the most fun you will ever have during a workout. Zumba is a cardio workout that combines dance and music. You will have the time of your life with instructors who are the most lively and entertaining people you'll ever meet. Also, don’t think for a second that simply because you have zero rhythm that you can’t take these classes. I am the least elegant and very uncoordinated and I still get a great workout and have so much fun while doing it! There are Zumba classes on all campuses at Rutgers and are offered very frequently. Also, if you bring friends it becomes even more fun because you all get to dance, laugh, and sweat together!

Body Pump

Body Pump is a class that combines strength training, music, and positive vibes. In a Body Pump class, you work out your entire body. The next morning you will certainly feel the burn, but it’s one of the best strengthening workouts you can get. Throughout the class, you will lift, squat, plank, and do various other forms of strength training. The instructors walk you through each of the exercises, so there should be no stress going into this class. The instructors are doing the workouts with the class and provide the most motivating comments throughout the class. Body Pump classes are held in all gyms at Rutgers. Body Pump is a great and stress-free way to build up your muscle in your body!


Spinning has to be a personal favorite of mine. A spin class is when you are sitting on a stationary bike and ride with the beats of the music. Spin classes are practically the party of the fitness world. During a spin class you will be told by your instructor to adjust the level of resistance on your bike according to each exercise. In a spin class your goal is to follow the beat of the song and perform each exercise accordingly. You will be expected to perform jumps, sprints, and climb hills during each class (depending on who your instructor is). The spinning classes are held at the Rutgers Werblin Gym on Busch Campus. Also, for when we are not in school there are plenty of spin classes to try out at your local YMCA or a Soulcycle class. Spinning is a great cardio workout that will be sure to leave you drenched in sweat by the time you leave.

These are just a few of the countless workout classes at Rutgers and nearby. I highly recommend trying all of these workout classes at least once. If you don’t like one of the classes, no big deal! Try another, you’re bound to find at least one class you’ll enjoy. You may be surprised, perhaps you’ll find a new passion for fitness!