My Finals Week Routine for Success

Finals week is the most important and most stressful week of the semester without a doubt. There is a lot of pressure to succeed and make sure the semester finishes strong. Some professors give exams, others give papers and projects instead. I am lucky to have figured out how I handle finals week, knowing I work best early on, and I have had a lot of very successful results in what I have done. Here are my tips for success and my daily routine during finals week.   

  1. 1. Go Grocery Shopping

    Okay, I know this one seems silly, but trust me, you will want to have all of your favorite snacks prepared. I also like to make sure I am stocked up on my essentials like any coffee creamers, headache pain killers, and caffeinated teas. With the way I eat during finals week, I get a lot of cravings. My favorite snacks to have during finals week are frosted animal crackers, Dunkaroos, Fruit by the Foot, and, of course, Gatorade is also important. This is not the week to worry about your diet. Eat what makes you happy!

    masked woman in a grocery store
  2. 2. Prepare My Wardrobe

    Just like this is the week to eat what makes you happy, wear what makes you happy! This is not the time to worry about what other people think (not that you ever should as it is). When things were normal, I used to dress depending on what class I was taking a final for and how I felt about it. Some of my favorite things I have worn include comfy sweats and colorful crazy printed pants/tops. When I am more nervous, I like to look extra put together and wear bright colors since it cheers me up. 

    person holding assorted clothes in wooden hanger
  3. 3. Take Breaks

    It is most important to make sure to pace yourself and breathe. I love going for short walks, taking naps, and watching short sitcoms or shows I have seen. My favorite comfort shows are New Girl, Gossip Girl, and Community.

    Tiles spelling out the word 'rest'
  4. 4. Make A Playlist!

    Each semester, I compile all of my favorite songs for success. They range from classical study music to power anthems to boost my confidence. I like listening to music while I work and study, but it is also good to play your music during your breaks! 

    hand holding iphone showing spotify
  5. 5. Get Some Fresh Air

    I know this is easier said than done a lot of the time, but I found that even just opening a window or sitting outside on the porch while I drink my coffee helps a lot. It is important to breathe clean air and get some sunlight! 

    woman reading book on dock
  6. 6. Stay Organized

    I am a very visual person. If something is not written down in my planner, my Google calendar, and my whiteboard calendar, it will be forgotten. Make sure you have all dates of exams and assignments due and block out time for studying. If you work, take the week off so you have enough time to focus on your coursework. Even if you can’t take the entire week off (I can’t) take off the day of and before your exam—your GPA will thank you, and now you will have the entire summer to make up for lost hours. Make sure you do not have any commitments on the day of the exam too.f you do, you may be worrying about finishing the exam in time to the point of not focusing on the material you’re being tested on. 

    Calm environment with desk set up for studying

So, good luck! Stay focused, healthy, and motivated. It has been an exhausting school year, and we are already at the finish line!