Overcoming The Gym

Maybe the gym is something you already partake in, something you wish you did, or something you’re not overly educated about. Either way, everyone starts somewhere. 


I’ve been technically going to the gym since age 12. However, it’s only been the past half year that I’ve really been focusing and trying to go and workout on a regular basis. 


And remember!! Staying fit doesn’t always mean going to the gym. It can be anything that you find enjoyment in that keeps you healthy. 


Double remember! Healthy doesn’t always mean looking like gym Instagram models, or just regular models. Know your body and know what makes you feel good. 


Back on track, let’s go over some tips I’ve picked up while at the gym. 


  1. Don’t be afraid to try out some weights! 

What I’ve found, especially among my women, feminine-identifying friends, is that they don’t want to start weight-lifting as they’re scared of becoming too bulky and less feminie. Although you CAN use weights for this purpose, it doesn’t mean you can’t use them in other ways! Weights can be used in different ways for many  purposes, such as toning or weight-loss. Weights can help build strength which is good for you in general. If you want to build muscles that are also visible or aesthetic that’s totally okay, too! The point here is, weights will help you in whatever your goal may be, and can be a good way to keep your workouts different and interesting. 


  1. Everyone starts somewhere. 

A lot of people tend to express a sort of intimidation when at the gym, especially when just starting. Trust me, I’ve definitely felt this. When I’m at the dumbbell section and there’s four giant ripped men with their 60 pound weights and then tiny 5’4 me with my 8 pounders...sometimes it can feel like the pressure’s on. The way I’ve looked at this to surpass any social anxiety or negative feelings in these kinds of situations is by remembering they were all in the same place as me once. Everyone started without giant muscles or super toned bodies. Everyone started by not knowing many, if any, exercises at all. And that’s totally okay!!! Real gym advocates will be excited for you and maybe even pop you a tip here and there. The gym community can be something really healthy and supportive when you begin getting into it. Just take it step by step. 


  1. WATER. 

I can’t express how important water is. If you plan on going to the gym, remember to bring a bottle of water with you! Staying hydrated is beyond important. This tip might be quick and obvious, but it’s something many find themselves forgetting. 


  1. Not about the number. 

This tidbit pertains to weight-lifting. It’s important that when you do find yourself using the weights, how heavy you are lifting is not what makes the difference in the results you see and feel. What makes the difference is the form. Form is how you actually complete the exercise. Where you’re holding the weight, how you’re moving your body–essentially that you’re doing it properly to avoid injury and to use the right muscles. (I know this sounds scary but I promise it’s not! Remember tip 2). If you try to go for heavy weights and aren’t doing the form properly, it could be dangerous, as well as not produce the results you are hoping for. Remember, do as light as you need to get the form down. 


  1. Enjoy it. 

The gym can be about so much more than just the gym. It can be a place where you release emotions or stress, where you take time to think, etc. Make sure if you’re going to the gym you’re enjoying it! If you’re not enjoying it, find another outlet! It’s more than okay to find yourself preferring a different form of exercise. 


If you’re unsure of how to get started there are MANY influencers on Youtube with great videos that will educate and help you feel good and confident. 


Whether the gym sounds scary, is a place of tranquility, or is something you’ve never thought about before, I hope these few tips help you gain a little more confidence to go and kill it. With that, I will sign off. Go show everyone how it’s done.