10 Fitness Influencers With At-Home Workouts

As the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic meant closures of all non-essential businesses, I’ve been feeling rather unmotivated with no gym to go to. Home workouts feel so different with no practical dumbbells or barbells to use, and I’m really having some withdrawals from the cable machines! However, I know that the gyms will be closed for months and that I need to find motivation somewhere so I can keep as much muscle as possible. Thankfully, because of technology in this day and age, home workouts are easily accessible at the touch of our fingertips. I asked my friends who their favourite Instagram influencers are with the best home workouts, so you (and I!) can get or keep our motivation to stay fit and healthy during these trying times!

two women working out


A fellow Queen’s student, Jess shows how you can still keep those booty gains by using resistance bands and at-home dumbbells made out of detergent containers!


Lisa’s Instagram is full of different health and fitness tips, and has at-home workouts for arms, core, legs, and informative stretching videos as well!


Meggan has built a pretty large following, with over 1.2M followers, and for a good reason! She posts HIIT workouts and other full-body workouts that you can do from home. 


Grace has various workout videos that can be done at home! In one of her at home leg workout videos, she shows you alternate weights you can use if you don’t have dumbbells at home. 


No matter what your fitness regime is, Shannon has you covered! From HIIT to full-body, to specific upper and lower body workouts with little to no equipment, you’ll be sure to find a video with workouts that are right for you.

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Whitney has been one of my favourite fitness influencers for a long time. Her positive vibes and consistent uploading of no-equipment workouts that you can do at home will be sure to give you motivation!


Berenice has a ton of workout videos on her page, including some with equipment and some without. 


Dominique has a ton of bodyweight and at-home workouts for upper and lower body. 


Although Gymshark is a brand, their Instagram also features their athletes demonstrating all kinds of workouts. Also, the home workouts on the Gymshark app are free currently, so definitely take advantage of that!


Another brand feature here, but peachbands shows various home workouts that can be done with resistance bands and no equipment. Also, if you’re interested in picking up some resistance bands, now would be a good time to order from this brand!