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The benefits of exercise are numerous: it supports mental health, it helps provide for a strong
immune system, improves heart health, and it helps you get better sleep- something we all need
as college students. Yet, I am often overwhelmed with whatever is the new go to form of
movement prescribed to reap the most benefits whether that be power walks COVID-19 style,
the growing trend of women in weightlifting, or enthusiasm regarding the high intensity group
exercise classes. I’m here to reinforce the perspective that it doesn’t really matter which of these
you might prefer, the true benefit of exercise is the overall health and quality of life that it can
enhance. Of course, it’s accurate that some forms of exercise will lead to more specific results
per a detailed goal. But frankly, pitting any of these against each other is unproductive. A
positive narrative that I am feeling refreshed by in the fitness world is that the best exercise is the
one that makes you feel good, this is what will help you feel refreshed and motivate you to stay
active. If you’re in the mood for some fun fitness here are some fun ways to get moving.

  1. Go hiking! It is fall, so once the leaves finally turn orange grab some friends and a flannel to hit the forest. In West Lafayette you can check out Prophetstown State Park, Happy Hollow Park, or the Celery Bog.
  2. Bring back the groove! If you were like me as a child, you could spend hours in front of the Just Dance Wii game. Well lucky for you there are dance cardio workouts all over YouTube that are tons of fun. Grab your roommates and it can become a dance party.
  3. Get on wheels! Trying skateboarding or rollerblading is fun and can also help you get to class faster all while getting you active outside.
  4. Go rock climbing! If you’re not afraid of heights, rock climbing is a great full body workout that is available to you right at the corec.
  5. Play intramural sports. Trust me if I can do it, anyone can. I probably spent more time chasing the ball that rolled into the parking lot but overall, it was a great time with friends.

Fitness is a component of our physical and mental health, and exercise really does make people
feel better. But it shouldn’t be done as a burden. Exercise is significant in the way that supports
our health systems and it should be an enjoyable routine as well!

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Kelly Haddow

Purdue '23

Kelly Haddow is a junior at Purdue studying Public Health and Global Studies. She is also minoring in Dance and Computer Information Technology. She loves ballet, rock climbing, reading, listening to music and podcasts, being outside and hanging out with friends and family. Recently, she started learning more about cooking and also learning how to cross stitch. Kelly is so excited to be writing with Her Campus to share her experiences, interesting and fun things, or topics that she thinks are important to know more about!
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