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Must-Follow Women Wellness Influencers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

Social media is currently being used in my life as a way to get wellness content into my brain as quickly as possible. Oftentimes, I am on the verge of deleting every app on my phone and taking a deep media cleanse. Other times, however, social media allows me to connect with people who inspire me.

It has not gone without a lot of work to clean my feed from people who were hurting me more than helping. However, today I can confidently say that I have an excellent B.S. radar. Through this long and strenuous journey, I have curated a personal “wellness community” that keeps my feed filled with happiness. That being said, here are my favorite women wellness influencers that you need to check out.  


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Natalie offers her expertise as a psychiatrist particularly pertaining to body image and eating disorders. Additionally, she has some awesome oatmeal recipes. It wasn’t until I found Natalie that I discovered an entire world of “oats.” This bland, mushy, childhood food was transformed into a piece of art. The oatmeal recipes aren’t the only things she brings to the wellness table. She also discusses things such as navigating body image, conversations with friends and family about food, our relationships with exercise and much more.

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Anna makes gym, food and mental health content as a Gym Shark Athlete. She is extremely transparent about her mental health and the realities of the fitness industry. Anna is bubbly and funny and her content reminds me that a healthy lifestyle should be fun — not a chore. I often get annoyed when fitness influencers take themselves too seriously and try to romanticize everything.  However, Anna is as real as it gets on Instagram. 


It seems that a lot of the wellness community can agree that things can get toxic really quickly. Luckily, the wellness community can also be a great support system to keep ourselves in check. None other than comedic relief experts, @seamossgirlies, creates some great wellness meme content. Wellness memes are niche, to say the least. For those who love their early bedtimes, fermented beverages and a healthy obsession with nut butter, this is the page for you. 

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Taking up space in the gym was always a struggle for me when I started working out. Brianna was one of the first influencers that had this no B.S. attitude in the gym. She took up space and was genuinely so unintimidated by the gym. I admired it then and I still admire it now. She has excellent form tips, workouts and easy meals. One thing that sets her apart from many fitness influencers is that she also works a full time job. This translates into content that is relatable. She doesn’t go to the gym everyday, she doesn’t spend hours working out and she eats a balanced diet full of foods that she loves.

You deserve to take up space at the gym…Screen Shot 2022 02 28 at 8.01.54 PM


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Linda’s presence is much stronger on Youtube than on Instagram, but both are worth following. I found Linda’s youtube during a pretty rough patch in my life. She is a (new) GymShark athlete, university student and excellent content creator. Her YouTube videos remind me of the fun of being young, moving my body and eating good food. Her voice overs are top tier, listen to one and you will be blown away, and possibly in tears.

Recovering from disordered eating is challenging. Linda does not sugar coat recovery, but she also shows the amazing things that come with recovery: late night drives to McDonald’s, boba dates and family dinners. These are all things that make recovery worth it, and nobody presents that better than Linda. 

The world of wellness influencers on social media is so vast. These are women who inspire me and who I resonate with. While they may not be “the one” for you, they may connect you to another content creator that will be that “one.” Take care of yourself by taking care of your mind and body. Celebrate yourself, too!

I am a first year student studying political science. My two loves are cooking and being outside. I love my two pets Winnie, a chocolate lab, and Craig, a beta fish. When I am not studying in my room, you will probably find me outside playing tennis, walking, or doing yoga. I am originally from State College, PA. <3