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9 Reasons Penn State has the Number One Fitness Program

9 Reasons Penn State has the Number One Fitness Program

It is never a surprise when PSU tops the charts for biggest party school, hottest college girls, and strongest student section, but did it shock you when Penn State was named America’s 9th Fittest College in 2013?  Well, it shouldn’t!!  Sure, when we think PSU, we think: football, academics, parties, parties, parties.  But it also shouldn’t surprise us that the college with the second-largest-capacity football stadium knows a whole lot about athletics.  Overall, Penn State has the Number One Fitness Program in the country, and in honor of being the 9th Fittest College we’re giving you the top 9 reasons why:

1.We have won 71 National Team Championships.

Football is our reigning king, but don’t discount Nittany Lion basketball, baseball, hockey or gymnastics. Or fencing for that matter!  Penn State has won Big Ten Championships across the athletic board, including Women’s Volleyball, Field Hockey, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Baseball, Men’s and Women’s Gymnastics, Swimming & Diving, Fencing and Outdoor Track and Field. No wonder Penn Staters have so much pride!  Haters gonna hate, Staters gonna State.

2.We have over 78 Club Sports Teams.

With over 4800 Penn State participating students of all genders, races and abilities, the University Park Club Sports Program is “for the students, by the students.”  The program provides unlimited opportunities for PSU students to learn a new sport, make new friends, compete against other universities and keep fit by doing what they love.  These clubs also allow students to conduct demonstrations, host seminars, coordinate social activities and engage in community service.  Working out your body and your brain, what could be better?

3.We have a two-semester Adventure Recreation Program.

Don’t like traditional sports? Penn State Athletics also offers a yearlong schedule of diverse outdoor activities to destinations throughout the eastern United States. The PSU Adventure Recreation Center is fully equipped with outdoor gear, books and maps and offers outdoor skills-based workshops for all students.  What does this mean, exactly?  It means backpacking, caving, white-water rafting, flatwater paddling, rock climbing and other amazing trips are available to the UP campus and community all year long!

4.We have an entire college devoted to Health and Human Development.

Penn State has so many students that are committed to health and wellness that, of course, we had to make a major out of it.  PSU offers courses like Biobehavioral Health, Health Policy Administration, and Recreation Park and Tourism Management for all of our devoted fit friends.  Not to mention our growing Kinesiology program!  Ballroom Dancing might be one of the longest reigning watch-list courses each consecutive semester.  Now that’s commitment.

5.We offer various sports camps for future Penn Staters.

For over 35 years, Penn State has conducted sports camps on campus, where hundreds of thousands of campers have participated.  The safety and welfare of all campers is the number one priority and coaches pledge that each camper will leave with a memorable experience.  Like our clubs, all Penn State Summer Camps and Clinics are open to any and all entrants regardless of age, grade level or gender.

6.We have one of the largest collections of recreational facilities in the world.

Where most college campuses only supply a single recreation center, University Park hosts an entire recreation campus that can meet virtually every student need.  Rec Hall is our oldest and most well known, of course, containing two full gyms, a weight room, fitness center, gymnastics facilities, ten squash courts, a multipurpose room for group exercise and 14 racquetball courts. And as if that wasn’t enough, Penn State’s recreational campus is completed with a tennis center, natatorium, four additional top-of-the-line rec centers and the greatest football stadium college has ever seen.

7.We have the country’s largest group fitness program.

With over 210 group exercise classes each week, the program’s primary focus is to provide recreational fitness opportunities to a diverse community of students, faculty and retirees at University Park.  They offer a tremendous range of coordinated activities that promote health awareness while maintaining a fun, safe and effective physical fitness environment. Boot Camp, Yoga, Zumba, you name it! PSU Fitness classes are universal and can be tailored to the needs of any individual, no matter their fitness level. 

8.We have the most dedicated fitness instructors.

Penn State Fitness Instructors are as much peers as they are leaders.  They are students just like those they instruct.  In other words, lose the intimidation factor! Instructors are PSU students from a variety of majors who have completed a rigorous 32-week training program in order to master Kinesiology, Anatomy, leadership, motivation, musicality, emergency and safety skills. Penn State-trained Fitness Instructors are some of the most sought after instructors in the United States. Who better to work out with than endorphin junkies like these chicks?

9.Penn State Fitness is committed to excellence.

The mission of PSU Fitness is to support our community by promoting both mental and physical health year round. With a desire to develop a love of fitness and wellness in Penn State students, PSU Fitness values professionalism, quality, teamwork and stewardship.  Each week Penn State Fitness sees almost 4500 patrons in its classes, so you can only imagine how many visits our facilities see each year!

With all these incredible achievements and opportunities, staying fit has become less of a chore and more a lifestyle for students across Happy Valley. Bring it on Virginia Tech, we’re coming for you this year!

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