26 Thoughts We Have While At The Gym

From that one creeper who keeps staring at you working out to daydreaming about Ben & Jerry’s while you’re on the treadmill, the gym is filled with awkward interactions and self-reflection.

Here are 26 thoughts we are all guilty of having when working out:


1.     Okay, time to see if I need to avoid anyone here. Let’s make sure I don’t know anyone by the treadmills


2.     That guy is running pretty fast


3.     Should I be going faster?


4.     Why is this guy staring me?


5.     Am I doing something wrong?


6.     Do I have something on my butt?


7.     This is such a waste of time. I’ll still look the same tomorrow


8.     There are 17 other treadmills, and you choose the one that is right next to me? Thank you


9.     Do I know that guy?


10.  I wonder if there is one guy in here not wearing his frat letters


11.  Ugh, I’m tired


12.  I wonder if I’ll ever look like that


13.  Wow, that girl is skinny


14.  I wonder if she comes here every day


15.  What should I do next? Weights? Ha.


16.  Do I have something on my face?


17.  Why do you feel the need to stare at me every time I look up from doing ab workouts?


18.  I’m hungry


19.  Would it be bad if I ate after this?


20.  Maybe I’ll have a salad


21.  But I just bought Ben & Jerry’s the other day


22.  Okay, this is getting a little creepy now - stop staring me


23.  How long have I been here? It feels like forever


24.  10 minutes, great, great


25.  Okay if I leave now, I swear I’ll run home.


26.  See ya never

Stay in shape collegiette - it’s good for you, even if it drives you crazy.


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