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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Portland chapter.

Spring semester is a magical time here on the bluff. And you know what is also magical? Poetry! Haikus are one of my favorite styles of poetry, so here is what spring semester is like at UP, explained through haikus.


Spring time on the Bluff

But there is still rain and snow

Where is the sunshine?


Dance of the decades

80s style or 90s grunge?

Bust a move out there


Basketball’s ending

Baseball season is starting

We lose at both sports


Rock the Bluff is near

Dancing like crazy with friends

More like Rage the Bluff


New school year coming

So many visitations

They use common’s trays


Too many meal points

Cannot let them go to waste

Ransack Mack’s Market


Graduation day

Don’t want to be an adult

I need a job now


Another school year

Life on the Bluff is the best

Pilots til I die

Student at the University of Portland #GoPilots CA born and raised, OR transplant Lover of coffee, music, sarcasm and dogs