Thoughts Leading Up to the Gym

The unenthusiastic metaphorical, and literal, walk leading up to the gym. If you go to the Pete, you know that getting there is half the battle. Putting yourself in the right mindset to workout can be difficult, yet it always pays off. Here are some gifs that might encapsulate how you also feel about the gym.

Don’t forget to stretch beforehand.

Time for some cardio.

Even though running sucks.

Seeing all the good machines taken so you awkwardly stare at yourself in front of a mirror the entire time.

That one person who goes way too hard even though it’s a Monday.

Moving on to weight machines, only to have them all taken up by super-fit hotties.

Seeing someone in one of your classes you recognize but don’t know that well and giving them that awkward twitchy smile.

Feeling good after you finish your workout….then remembering you need to do this a few times a week to be healthy.

But overall you feel good.

Keep up the good work, everybody!


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