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Simple Ways to Spend Less Time on Your Phone and More IRL

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pitt chapter.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the exciting and limitless world that exists inside our cell phones. I’m here to help you spend a little or maybe a lot less time with your head inside the social media world and more in the “real” world.

Designated “No Phone” Times

One of the best ways to stay off your phone is by keeping it out of sight! You could put your phone upside down nearby, but you’ll still have that temptation and accessibility. Try designating times to put your phone AWAY away. Maybe whenever you’re walking to class keep your phone in your bag. OR even next time you go grocery shopping or on a walk with a friend try leaving your phone at home and notice that the universe actually will not end without your phone in your hand!

Reward Yourself

We all know how powerful bribery is, so why not use it to your own advantage? Next time you’re at the library and you find yourself getting distracted by your phone, set some timers for yourself: ~Once I finish this reading I’ll go on Instagram for 10 minutes~ It’s a simple, but effective method to monitor how much time you spend on your phone and increase productivity.

Do things that make you not look at your phone!

Here’s a wild life hack for ya. Just do things that you actually enjoy and spend time with people who you have engaging conversations with and you will stay off your phone without even realizing it!

Turn off push notifications/sound

Simply turning off notifications and/or turning your sound off puts YOU in charge of when you look at your phone instead of your phone being in charge of you.

Delete apps you don’t really care about and just look on your computer occasionally

Have you ever found yourself mindlessly scrolling through an app and then thinking:

 ~Why am I looking at this? I do not care and I have actual things I could be doing~ Next time you catch yourself in one of these moments, try deleting that app off your phone. You can still check out what’s happening on there on your computer, but now you don’t have the option of mindlessly clicking it when you’re bored and need something to look at.

Try one of these tips today and see how not having your phone 24/7 changes your life!



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