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Are you lacking energy today? Did you just wash your hair? Do you just want to go to bed? Are you having an off week? If you answered yes to any of these questions but still want to get a workout in, then I have some ideas for you!

First, do not underestimate the power of walking! Sometimes half the battle of working out is just psyching yourself up to go to the gym, but I find it so easy to talk myself into going for a walk. Whether it is on the treadmill or outside, any time of low-impact cardio is always a good option. I also like to walk on the treadmill and either read or do casual work on my computer to exercise even when I’m overwhelmed with school.

Another one of the most underrated workouts is stretching or yoga! A great way to get moving on a lazy day is to take twenty minutes to yourself, put on a movie, show, podcast or music, and do a full-body stretch. There are so many options on YouTube that you are sure to find one you love. I love MadFit and Move With Nicole! If you need something a little more intense, try a Pilates video instead.

I also have recently discovered cycling and spin to mix up my workouts and I am a big fan. I have done classes, which are an intense workout, but I also like to cycle on my own. I use this either as a warmup or a workout because it is so easy to decide what kind of intensity you are looking for. There is something relaxing about spin, and you can make it as intense or lowkey as you want. 

Finally, find a sport that you like and doesn’t feel like a workout. For me, that sport is tennis. You can play it anywhere, most times of the year, and does not have to be intense. You can just rally back and forth or play a match, and the intensity is what you and your opponent make of it. Other people love pickleball, table tennis, squash, soccer or catch. 

Taking any opportunity to move throughout the day is good for both your mind and body, no matter what that type of workout is!

Julia Kahn is a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh and a first year member of University of Pittsburgh's chapter of Her Campus. She enjoys writing about a multitude of topics, specifically health and wellness, opinion pieces, book reviews, and tips for exploring the city (coming from someone who is also excited to explore a new city!). She plans to major in Media and Professional Communications with a certificate in Public and Professional Writing on the Law and Criminal Justice track. She also is a part of the David C. Frederick Honors College! She hopes to attend law school and become a lawyer someday. A few other fun facts about Julia are that she has two dogs, Leo and Snickers, who she misses so much while at college. She has been to Peru on a trip with her Spanish program, and hopes to visit Italy, Spain, and France in the next few years. Her favorite book series always has been (and always will be) Harry Potter, but has recently enjoyed "Heart Bones", "Gone Girl", and "Verity". A few of Julia's hobbies include playing tennis, hiking, playing the piano, going for hot girl walks, and spending time with her family and friends. A few of her favorite shows and movies are "Gilmore Girls", "Gossip Girl", the "Back to the Future" movie trilogy, "The Age of Adeline", and "Mean Girls".